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Saint m8 will rule for eternity. #levitation

I'm back with a smart phone bitchezzz, big apologies to all the disabled toilet fanatics for letting you down recently with the lack of content and a big thanks to Eric for chipping in on the last review. Let me explain my absence, I had a disaster in a disabled toilet located in margate, I dropped my iPhone down the toilet and got locked in there for 4 days. I managed to survive off the water from the sink and this delicious red candy floss I found in the bin, there was plenty of the stuff and the best tasting ones had a brownish tint. Shout out to Colin who is the only disabled gentleman to live in the area who eventually found me. Other than missing Made in Chelsea that week the experience was actually quite pleasant and I give the toilet an 8/10. Now let's get to this week's toilet, its located in the natural history museum. Fairly clean and i had the option of two which is always a treat and great for the community. Going to give it 7/10 and I also I recommend the fantastic rock collection located in the green zone up stairs in the museam. It's great to be back guys, love you all. Piss and shit x

Hey guys, Eric here with disabled toilet review 10th edition. Today we're in a @waitrose service station on Sherwood Park Avenue just on the outskirts of London. Unfortunately my toilet experience was subpar. The toilet seat was completely detached from the toilet, causing me to nearly fall off the toilet mere moments after taking the first candid shot. It was also a bit messy and general wasn't particularly vibey, with no mood lighting 2/10

Classic albums extract #1 @daydreamsoundz

*breaths into mic*

Lisa just told me I should be using social media to communicate with my fans so how are you guys doing?

She got annoyed that I took a picture of her and then asked where the wine is

#celebfamily #casatormey

GANG ARE OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, AND ROCKING ONCE AGAIN. NO MORTAL WOUND CAN STOP JIMI'S SATANIC BEATS. Got a new song, 13 minutes long, called Bridgette's Tiny Penis. Make of that what you will. Lots of love to everyone, nuûüùúū shit coming soon xxx

Reporting for duty sir

Hi I'm Joe from Gang and id like to present to you Disabled Toilet Reviews 9th edition. This week I'm situated in a wonderful museum that displays the likes of the work from local artists to mummified cats. I had a choice of two disabled toilets to choose from but went with the one downstairs as it was closest to the cis-male exhibition. I couldn't say it was the cleanest but luckily it was fully stocked and had a wonderful little shelf in the corner which I placed my belongings on, it's these little things that us enthusiasts really get a buzz from! I just love the way the light highlighted my distended gut, extra points for that 7.5/10.

Hi I'm Joe from Gang and I'd like to introduce to you, Eric, Tuli, Sammy, John and Conor as guests to this weeks Disabled Toilet Reviews! We had a great time in here after our show in Leeds last night, while I was having my evening poo we were covering some big topics of discussion from the condiment selection they have in McDonald's to our favourite Bowie songs. It was great to have some other disabled toilets enthusiasts to share this moment with. As for the toilet it was quite very clean other than a couple bits of toilet paper scattered about the place which I can forgive, we all huddled round the hand dryer to warm up from the northern chill and it took me a while to wipe Tuli's bottom because the baby changing unit was a tad too small for her. Gonna go 8/10 for this experience.
Photo credits to John Bon Daydream @johndaviestours

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