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Veteran Traveler  Veteran Traveler and Gander: (AKC 2014/15 ACE hero. AHA Service Dog Hero Dog 2016. Advocating for service dogs, vets w/PTSD and trauma survivors.

Taps in Zion tonight.

At Rotary Club.
The daughter of our past prez Kevin Stevens braiding G's hair.
They're old buds.

"Discovering differences should be a cause for celebration." --The Dao of Dog "I imagine that yes is the only living thing."
--e. e. cummings

This came across my memories page today. Two years ago we were on the White River trout fishing.
G is the better than ANY sonar rig you can buy at Bass Pro...
We caught and released about 150 trout that day. G kissed each and every one we reeled in.
I've never known a dog, ever, more obsessed with fish then the doodle. He loves every living thing encounters. Curious, and gently excited.
Have a wonderful day everyone.


Taps tonight:
Most veteran cemeteries have pretty nondescript markers.
The Iowa veterans Cemetery is an exception.
A journey through this memorial space will make you laugh, cry and reflect on what kind of legacy you will leave.
From memorials to men missing in action or lost at sea you will find something here to move you.
Please take the time to read these few. And if you ever have a chance stop by.
The cost of freedom is evident in abundance.

We did a special Taps yesterday. We had passed North Platte Nebraska many times and had never noticed their immensely moving 20th Century Veterans Memorial.
During World War II North Platte was a railway stop where soldiers being shipped out had a brief stop.
So, dozens of volunteers, mostly women made them a temporary home away from home. Men spent a memorable 15 minutes in North Platte and were given food cigarettes and drink during their stay. Because of rationing during that time many of the volunteers made great sacrifices so the soldiers would have something
to remember.
From Christmas of 1941 through April 1, 1946, volunteers greeted and fed about 6 million service members.
The sculptures signed by different artists are spectacular: all services are represented and all 20th Century wars as well as a beautiful tribute to the women who maintained the canteen.
The town and the canteen were the subject of a book by Bob Greene, famed Chicago columnist, called Once Upon a Town.

There's Railway car and a lake adjacent to the memorial. That's where I chose to play taps.
Bricks line both sides of the memorial walkway and inscribed with the names of veterans honored by friends and relatives.
Some of the men, headed for battle in the Pacific, knew the chances of being killed or injured were nearly one in three. They volunteered to protect our freedoms anyway.
This place must've been a very special distraction and a beautiful show of appreciation for their sacrifice.

Taps at Boys Town with Dennis Buckman, Bridget Seitzinger, Sherry Gomez, and Mark Racas.
Dennis and I were residents here at the same time.
We took a tour of the chapel where I spent many a vespers singing Gregorian chant.

In the small world department:
Walking into the Mexican restaurant last night to have dinner with part of the Denver crew, a woman stopped me at the door. She asked if I remembered her...I did.
She is from Waukegan Illinois and worked at the courthouse where we have successfully prevailed against businesses that denied service dog access and where we train their staff in service dog access, etiquette and behavior.
She now lives in Denver and works across the street from the restaurant for a local law firm.

Taps tonight near Fort Morgan Colorado.
On our way to Chicago.

In the newer section of the cemetery G was restless little agitated. Once we move into the bedroom section with Spanish American war markers and Civil War markers he was at peace.

Taps in Colorado Springs tonight. At Evergreen Cemetery. An abundance of civil war graves. This cemetery is often the site of anachronistic Civil War gatherings.
I played taps very late. Colorado Springs glowing in the background.

So, we went to my hometown, Pueblo, and of course we had to have the indigenous special there: Sloppers!
It's basically a cheeseburger in a bowl drenched in SouthWestern Green chili...
As you can tell from Marks expression it was a little spicy for a Chicago boy.
We gave the owner of the tavern a challenge coin.

Taps on the Overland Trail near Sterling Colorado.
By the North Platte River and the site of a battle in the 1800s between the Army and Cheyenne Dog Soldiers.
If you look closely you can see a deer fording the river

How to know you might still be in Nebraska. ;-)

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