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GAMO PutaMadre  Marseille in da south illustration painting graffiti !

PROPAGANDA....🖤. @23_mg_ dirty handz at @expomisterfreeze. pics by @nico.giquel

Process .. @expomisterfreeze Toulouse , pics by @nico.giquel thanks bro 🙏🙏

SOLD.... « Focus »
100x100 (acrylic on canvas) @allovergallery , Toulouse .

Last day for going to see that crazy event with a bunch of talented people in Toulouse ... @expomisterfreeze big up to the @50cinq and all the team there !!!!! See you !!! Also thanks @debzawashere for helping me on this 🙏

Last time at @hoch2wei festival thanks a lot to mitja and his team for organising this event in the middle of the city that doesn’t exist in Germany ;) ahah it was a cool week end 😁😁 .. see ya ! Special thanks to @debzawashere for his help :)

Last time near Bordeaux for the @shakewellfestival with my homies @stom500 and @mr.difuz we had great time there big thanks to all the team there for organizing that 😁😁 hope to see you soon guys !( tomorrow @stom500 is opening his first solo show at @loftdu34 if you re around just go there !!) see ya ! Yo @23_mg_ ;)

Quick skull explosion feat @babsuvtpk @jerooone @mr.difuz @iampanks and @resoner ... big thanks to all the team of @50cinq for their motivation .. they just never sleep !!! See ya !!

Quick one today in Toulouse with @babsuvtpk @jerooone @mr.difuz @iampanks and @resoner Big thanks to all the team of @expomisterfreeze it was a crazy week !! See you soon 🙏🙏

Here is the painting we ´ve done with @kitsaonetoo for the @coloramafestival in Biarritz big thanks to @insta_grems and his team for their motivation ! big up bro !!! Today it’s the last day to see all those fucking artists so go there if you re around !!! See ya !

Last time with @cesar_bilavie in Strasbourg for the @nl_contest big thanks to @collectif.downtown and all the JPP’S !!! Yo @23_mg_ @mr.difuz @worldofmonsta @stom500 @wiseoner @jupeoner77 @fakieboy31 @naskone @missyillustration @insta_grems @djdjel @don_choa and Alain !!! It was a fucking week end !!!! See ya !!!

Few weeks ago in the center of marseille with just a ladder and lot of motivation !! 👅. See ya!!! Big thanks to all people who helped me for the ladder on this one !!! #graffiti #character #ladder #spiderman #cliffhanger
#marseille#match #bigwall #2018#red

New dose of bullshit @23_mg_ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! « Good for Style Bad for Education » #streetwear #marseille #23mg #grey #pills #2018 #bullshit #dose

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