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Gaming Stash - The Lonely Geek  Gaming Stash is dedicated to all any and all gaming I can get a hold off without ending up homeless. :)

Super proud of this amazing woman :) Was so psyched to see her tonight on PPV :) Keep kicking ass my dear @wweladyrefjess :)

Putting together my Aztec Dinosaur Army. May start playing again for a bit.

#ageofsigmar #seraphonarmy #warhammerfantasy #miniaturesgaming #tabletophobby

Haven't been feeling all that great lately. Overall numbness in my head and in my emotions has me feeling like a zombie. My aquariums keep me going but honestly... I'm not feeling all that great. #rant #depression #neededtogetitoutofmyhead

2 week update

New inhabitants are doing well. Bought a Royal Gramma, 2 Gold Striped Cardinalfish and 2 Red Firefish. The Firefish may be a bit finicky eating but I'm hoping they are just still acclimating. Other than that all is good. Will make an update when I do the next water test and probably the first water change with the new fish.

#saltwateraquarium #saltwaterfish #saltwatertanks #aquariumsofinstagram #aquariumsetup #aquariums #aquariumhobbyist #aquariumhobby

One week in and the second filter is up and running along with a heater and thermometer to keep track of any changes. The water parameters are pretty good: 0 ammonia, 0 Nitrites and 0 Nitrates. Salinity is a bit high so dealing with that at the moment. So far so good. A bit more cycling and should be ready for a clean up crew and the first fish.

#aquariumsofinstagram #aquariums #aquariumhobbyist #aquariumhobby #saltwateraquarium #aquariumprojects

Tank is filled, powerheads are running and 1st of 2 filters is cycling. Will check later if the salinity is good and if it is then will begin the weekly water tests. Trying to keep on budget, was lucky the two powerheads I had still worked and have a good flow rate. #aquariumsofinstagram #aquariums #aquariumsetup #aquariumprojects #saltwateraquarium #aquariumhobby #aquariumhobbyist

And so I start a long project: My first ever Saltwater Aquarium. Using stuff at hand and trying not to spend too much, it will be more of an experiment to see if I've graduated into a new type of aquarium. #aquariumhobby #aquariumsetup #aquariums #saltwateraquarium #aquariumsofinstagram

Woot! Caught the elusive little bird xD Was worried I wouldn't be able to catch one before the 48hrs were up. #pokemongo #pokemongošŸŽ®

What an amazing experience at the #GeorgiaAquarium :) I kind of wanted to take this little one home with me after seeing her real life counterpart. :) #aquariums #aquariumhobby #GeorgiaAquarium #roadtrips

Finished moving everything from my 30 gallon to my 55 gallon tank. Hard to imagine all those plants squeezed into a smaller tank. Hopefully they will thrive here as well. #aquariumhobby #aquariumprojects #aquariumsetup #aquariums #freshwateraquarium #plantedaquarium

Update 1: Soil and sand all set. 30 pounds of Earthworm Castings and about 30 pounds of pool filter sand.
Will be posting more updates later. Aquarium is all set but I've been sick these past few days so wasn't able to update as I set it up.

#freshwateraquarium #aquariumhobby #aquariumprojects #plantedaquarium #aquariumsetup

After watching quite a few Aquarium Youtubers over the past few months I decided to try a different take on the substrate I used for my 30 gallon Planted Tank. I used some potting soil with Pool Filter sand and had the success shown in the previous post. Now it's time to try something a bit different. I've heard good things about using this combination, I'll post updates after everything is set up.

#plantedaquarium #aquariumprojects #freshwateraquarium #aquariumhobby #aquariumsetup #plantedaquarium

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