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Gambit  41 yrs old, 🇸🇬 sg, non invasive facial aesthetics, food, dessert - I am a "consumer" of all, not business owner, not sponsored

Discipline and self restraint. #yorkiesofinstagram #yorkie #yorkiepoo #dogsofinstagram

My one true love. Obviously not #tennis 😇 he’s always there, I mean always there. When I wake up, when I sleep, when I come home, or even when I ignore him all weekend. #unconditionallove #yorkiesofinstagram #yorkiepoo

Immediate results, no needles, no threads, no lasers but let’s see how long this lasts. #avisittodoctorjonathanyong #avisittodrjonyongaestheticclinic #facelifting #noninvasive #noninvasivefacelift #facelift #enerjet

On to more beautiful things ... my own version of fusion - aka rojak dessert. Nows a day, chefs like to make it atas by creating fusion dishes and then adding a layer of “molecular” style. Mine is just fusion and non molecular - what U see is actually what it is. Waffle, chocolate ice cream, crumbs from traditional Penang peanut candy, French strawberries, honey, and chocolate chip and fudge cookie #waffle #icecream #chocolatechipcookies #peanut

Swipe to see how huge cystic acne can be treated without scaring . Of cos MY FAVORITE is the 3rd clip at the 10 sec mark - yup u guessed it! Those yucky FB posts where u see the sebum oozing out. No lah this is to give u an idea how if u think by just leaving it or applying pimple cream will let it go away, u r wrong. It festers and hardens and becomes dark and eventually scars even if u don’t pop it. #doctorsgoodhands #avisittodrjonyongaestheticclinic #avisittodoctorjonathanyong #acne #acnescars #acneremoval

This should be called the Hawking Machine, cos I have all these problems that the procedure treats. Treating acne scars, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone (rosacea) and PIGMENTATION!! #avisittodoctorjonathanyong #avisittodrjonyongaestheticclinic #skin #aesthetics #acne #acnescars #pigmentation #enlargedpores #pores #porereduction #rosacea

Skin tightening to reveal my 6 pack - again it’s not a zap zap got 6 pack. If what separates ur ab muscles are a lot of fat, then exercise and diet (don’t go crazy or beware of fitness studios that sell packages with tons of terms and conditions). If it’s that slight excess fat or stubborn layer of fat, then no amounts of exercise or diet will get rid of it, either that or dieting to the point will waste away ur ab muscles. Then I suggest #cryolipolysis or #fatfreeze. If it’s just min amount of fat and excess loose skin then do what I do - #bodytoning #bodysculpting #skintightening and #lymphaticdrainage to break up fat deposits and remove toxins that slows down metabolism with also fat loss through heat (#radiofrequncy) #fireandice cold to freeze fat and kill fat cells permanently and heat to aid in fat loss #fatloss #sixpack #avisittodoctorjonathanyong #avisittodrjonyongaestheticclinic

Benefiting from other people’s labour - therapist was so excited she ran over and told me that a patient bought me something. Wow! Doctor does the work and patient buys this knowing that I love my cakes!! Was so worried I would eat them all in the car that I told the doctor to bring it with him so that we could have it over family dinner. Aren’t these the prettiest assortment of chiffon cakes? Pandan, orange, blueberry, chocolate and lemon? Guess the name of the bakery and have a free cake on us? The when u come, we make u eat 10 cakes. #avisittodoctorjonathanyong #chiffoncakes #pandancake #dessert #patientlovesus

Omg rewatching my IG stories with SOUND ON and my tv show in background was saying something R rated

U want to spend $100 per training session and then obsess about intermittent fasting, macros etc Can! But then enjoy that process of getting to know ur allergies, losing excess weight or feeling good about urself. U will NEVER lose that stubborn layer of fat. PTs will tell u their exercise is not about weight loss (if u don’t lose weight) but st same time entice u with ads of models with 6 pack or lean bodies. Pls lah, ask any of my spinning instructors if they just spin and dare to eat like me and don’t do other things (even then they don’t even know what engaging core is) After procedure and before. My body sculpting treatments comprise of #cryolypolisis (#fatfreeze) where u kill fat cells by subjecting them to cold temps. This is permanent and is non invasive, and doesn’t kill healthy cells. This is not an alternative to exercise or diet as the latter 2 are effective for excess weight not stubborn layer of subcutaneous fat. Excess skin is tightened through lasers and Radio Frequency and also involve melting fat away. A trainer once remarked “as if zap zap can create 6 pack” that is nonsense and uttered out of lack of confidence and ill equipped or insufficient fact finding. We all know muscles are created by Re growth of damaged muscle tissue and feeding ur body with amino if “lift lift” can create 6 pack. But type type these days can send messages instantly. Yes heating and freezing does change cellular structure instantly otherwise how do we cook meat. Yes Zap zap can get rid of plague on teeth, technology has allowed us to zap zap fat and not damage skin. Just like local TV station refuse to allow for tv streaming to air 2 season ago TV series and collect ad rev in the end u need to recognize technology. Eat and exercise to be mentally and physically healthy and mobile. Freeze and melt fat, esp that stubborn layer #fatloss #bodytransformation #bodysculpting #fatfreeze #cryolipolysis #laserlipo #fotona #venuslegacy #health #diet #coolsculpting #clatuu #avisittodoctorjonathanyong #avisittodrjonyongaestheticclinic

How did ur Sunday go? Mine started before I could capture pics. I took out my exercise mat to do some stretching and decided to call some friends for durian. Told myself I will have a light dinner. Headed to taka to run errands and asked Doctor if he wanted steamboat or KFC I was too weak to say no to KFC and was hoping he would be the wiser one to pick steamboat when i dangled the healthier option since he was in line for durians. Well pics tell the rest of story - had KFC and then durians and cakes FML #sunday #gluttony #avisittodoctorjonathanyong

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