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My biggest pet peeve!! I called to do a take out order. As mentioned before, it's not that the waiter was very competent, he didn't even know if truffle was a meat or vegetarian and couldn't recommend dishes. Like most phone orders, it was rushed, because the restaurant was busy as if phone orders deserved second rate service. Then to charge us service charge for a take away order. Even the computer system cannot comprehend as it prints out dine in and takeaway in the same receipt. #sgfoodblog #petpeeve

Beancurd City has the best tau huay! U would think the Rochor road one can hold its own but it's been run with foreigners who just don't have the patience and proper skill set to make the bean curd but to douse it in syrup. What I do with the thick, slightly sweetened and concentrated soya milk is to heat it up almost to a boil, toast the 油条 until crispy and drop a glutinous black sweet sesame ball into the bowl. U can hear the sizzling of the toasted bread. I added some tau suan into the mixture as well. The tau suan was made by my friends maid. Eaten together with homemade buttery waffles, u get a perfect east and west late night supper dessert without it being weird and fusion. At this point, I know @xsleaw will be highly disapproving. At this point, I know I cannot let @padawan_peng know about this as she will dash my illusions of this being healthy. "It's fried!!" #rojakmeal #sgfoodblog #dessert #supper #beancurd #beancurdcity #waffles #nasilemak

Dinner was way too healthy. We ended it with some waffles and left over cheesecake, Royce dark chocolate potato chips and tau sar piah from Penang. I was going through some work admin stuff and decided to take a break and scrolled through my daily dose of @padawan_peng yoga inspirations. But because I know her more than just her IG posts, looking at her posts reminded me of Macdonalds instead!! I wanted to finish up my work before my reward so I ordered delivery. To make the minimum amount I had to do a double quarter pounder with extra extra cheese. Macdonalds should hire me as spokesperson too, am sure it wouldn't be a conflict of interest should breadtalk or ya kun engage my services too 😬😬😱😱😘#sgfoodblog #glutton #hawksformacs #hawksforbreadtalk

Epic cookout, master of the grill 7 hours massaged and rubbed and marinated with his own ingredients, put out in the grill overlooking the most amazing city view and pork pulled tenderly and skillfully and served with their homemade sauce of 22 ingredients. They also whipped up their own roasted cauliflower, quinoa salads and side of onion chili padi dip which is as even better than a regular sambal marta. Seriously there was not one dish nor condiment on the dinner table that was commercially purchased!! All other guests also brought their own dishes - a beetroot salad, a cabbage slaw. #cookout #bbq #pigout #pulledpork #sgfoodblog

Ya kun, toast box or bread talk should hire me because I have wholesome goodness before bedtime, after my supper every night. Supper was beef rendang, curry chicken, fried rice and egg. And supper dessert was left over cakes from chalk farm. Before bed time snack was buttered toast with sugar and hot chocolate. #sgfoodblog #sgfoodblogger #dessert #supper

Cutest part was that he responded when I wanted a photo opp. I didn't even need to get off the sofa. Sometimes they just need to be babied. His other siblings would have struggled, flinched and whined. But this one just sat on his "throne" soaked up all the attention. He was in there for several mins!! #yorkiepoo #yorkie #poodle #sgdogs #dogsofinstagram #cutedogs #doggies #yorkshireterrier #pawpaw

A wonderful home cooked meal. The pulled pork which took 7 to 8 hours to marinade, rub and prepare was so freakin awesome, we ate it by itself, with the homemade sauce (comprising of 22 ingredients, so good it's really the best accompanying sauce I've had), with poh piah skin as a fajita. Sakura ebi pasta, corn and BBQ chicken. We spoke about BBQ joints, even burnt ends. All I can say without sounding biased or kiss assy is that I ate significantly more tonight, drank wine (something which I don't do often these days) and didn't perspire !! #balihaigang #foodporn #pulledpork #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #bbqsauce

We had our dinner brought back home from 3 diff places. Food was all excellent. Couldn't stop eating and so much variety, it was one of those greedy moments u kept on going because u didn't know which one u wanted to have as ur last taste. But experiences were all so different. First stop - Naughty Nuri's #naughtynurissg @naughtynurissg The manager ought to be fired. My friend spun a wheel and won 2 vouchers $50 each that expired today. She called to order the ribs and I dropped her off to pick it up. They wanted to charge her Service Charge for take out. I had the same experience at a burger restaurant in Duxton Road which has since shut down. The manager told her that they are charging for service since they are already not charging for take out boxes. If only there was a rude buzzer to make that sound. She brought her own glass Tupperware so they couldn't have charged her for take out boxes! Then his next comeback was that oh the service charge is for the staff packing the ribs for take out. This is the most ridiculous thing! Next stop, Luka's Italian dining. New joint that I visited recently. The ravioli was the best and the pizza was excellent. But when I asked the staff to recommend one pizza and 2 pastas he couldn't and did the whole we have a lot of good things. Service was not rude but not competent. It could have been well if u like this, then I would recommend this... my personal fav is ... most people would go for ... so not rude but not trained or competent. Of cos when we went with a celebrity, the service was top notch. The last dish in the collage, it's not a pizza but a mascarpone cheese truffle foccacia bread from Regent Hotel. This is the original of the truffle cheese pizzas and in my own opinion, much better than the cookhouse demosey or 4 seasons one. Service was one u would expect from an establishment of a 5 star hotel. I called the bakery and they told me that it is the restaurant Basilico above which serves this but not to worry, that they will call Basilico to process my order for pick up. So much trouble and no charge for service!! I would have gladly paid 20% in tips or repeat visits such that it exceeds 10% service fee!!

"Is microwave not good for health?" That's what the staff asked me when I asked them how is it that the whole angle of this premium high quality birds nest cafe is to have healthy dessert snack and then they use microwave. Whether it's healthy or not, I know that the people who would eat birds nest and not head for the waffle ice cream cafe opposite (the same people who would eat organic, Whole Foods) and pay $17 for a small bowl of it, would def not be ingesting anything microwaved. Healthy or not, I know for a fact that microwave does change the structure of what u heat up. When I toast a bread in toaster, nothing happens. When I put it in microwave, I pespeire non stop through my scalp. Which is why I asked the staff the moment I had one sip of the hot birds nest. Actually if I want warm birds nest and paid $17 I would want it brewed - Starbucks certainly doesn't microwave my hot brew. The staff claimed it was just the water they were microwaving but then just mix boiling water with normal water right? When I asked the staff how sweet was the cold one that came already with rock sugar, they said not a lot of sugar. When I asked how much they said one table spoon of sugar syrup. One table spoon is a lot right? And when I said I tot rock sugar how come syrup, they said they say wrongly. But then how is rock sugar measured in table spoon? The menu markets their variety of birdsnest as normal rock sugar, honeyed rock sugar etc. so it's just all syrup? Then add birds nest and if u want hot, they just put in microwaved hot water?!! To be fair the staff were very very nice. #sgfood #sgfoodblog #sgfoodblogger #birdsnest

Skin Boosters !! A 3 part video clip which sums up everything I have to say about #skinboosters (1) what it is (2) pain level (3) down time (4) actual visible and tangible results The other pics show how my skin is one day, one week and 2 weeks after treatment. Again, having dewy soft skin to prevent and reverse signs of aging via #noninvasivetreatment is the most NATURAL way and NATURL look to ur NATURAL self. It really irks me when people say no to aesthetic procedures with a mightier than thou attitude saying they prefer the natural look, when they then go and apply tons of creams with chemicals, apply make up or go under the knife or ingest ridiculous amounts of vitamins. A lot of people at my age all of a sudden diet and with the financial resources and access to knowledge on internet, they suddenly go on these wholesome diets. Which is great because ur body transforms when u eat right. But the skin, being the largest organ in your body has already suffered as a result of years of toxic and inflammatory substances, so while u r on ur path to natural wellness, do consider that non invasive aesthetic treatments are the most natural way to maintaining and preserving the largest organ in your body. #itsnotallaboutvanity #itsnotallaboutbotox #avisittodoctorjonathanyong #hyaluronicacid #aesthetics #facial

Omg u guys have to scroll through the entire series of pics and video clip to get it. Just when I thought God had sent me an angel...look at him, he's so cute and pure and innocent. Then.......!!!!!! #yorkiepoo #sgdogs #dogstram #dogvideo #poodle #yorkie #cutedogs #dogsofinstagram

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