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Gambit  41 yrs old, 🇸🇬 sg, non invasive facial aesthetics, food, dessert - I am a "consumer" of all, not business owner, not sponsored

Lifting and firming - forgive me but I am just terribly excited that I just had the most painless treatment with immediate results for lifting and firming. This was both screenshots from my IG instant videos to give the most real picture of the V line effects on the cheeks and chin area. Please focus on that. All I ask if u may indulge me is that I didn’t want to add filter or use any beauty apps so ignore the yucky dark spots at mouth area. I always break out there after shaving and I just had those zits jabbed a few minutes before. I swear by the HIFU (Korean version of althera)which is what the doctor has so I should be promoting it. When the gold HIFU came out and Doctor was considering it, my hair stylist made an excellent point. Unless they came out with a HIFU that has half the pain and has same effect no point paying so much more. The gold HIFU is as painful but uses half the time. So same pain but shorter time. In any case, u have to wait 2 months before seeing visible results. Final verdict not out on this treatment today as it may not be as long lasting but hey! No numbing cream no pain and immediate result!! The perfect party prep!! #avisittodoctorjonathanyong

I just saved my IG stories onto one clip. That’s the extent of my video editing capabilities. So I really cannot convince u through theatrics. I also don’t have time to have discussions on what to write or how to write to best Market it. I say it as it is. If u notice, my face at same angle at the start when I did hydrafacial was def chubbier. Really!! My cheeks are so taut now!! #avisittodoctorjonathanyong

Magic machine! Have u ever seen a laser applied from inside ur mouth to stimulate collagen and firm up ur cheeks from the inside?! I did 4 treatments today and My right after Video shows that without make up, prepping my face or without any time to edit video (not that I can photoshop videos) there was no down time, got immediate and highly visible results. I started with a hydrafacial and then in one machine, did a firming treatment, rejuvenation (reduction of pores, wrinkles, redness and brightening) and a lifting treatment. My pilates instructor told me - u don’t want muscles which are dry and immobile. U want it to be able to stretch, be firm and taut and movable. Aesthetics help u achieve an all natural look. Aesthetics is not about having a frozen face. When we say age naturally, do we not exercise or stretch or strengthen and say I want my muscles to age naturally? Same same. I want my skin firm and taut - I look in the mirror and always pull the skin on my cheeks upwards towards my ears. Firm and taut facial muscles but I want the skin texture to feel hydrated and smooth. This machine does that!! Btw I am not self promoting as the doctor doesn’t have this machine. It’s on loan!! PM me for details!! #avisittodoctorjonathanyong

#feasting #wine #sassicaia Big thank you to Mr and Mrs NK Yong ❤️🙏

The Doctor arranged this super exclusive and special visit to the VIP privileged lounge of Diageo for his father’s birthday. Not to be confused with the regular social bar, this newly set up lounge about a year ago is for whiskey buyers to taste whiskeys that cannot be bought and tasted anywhere else. They are all Casks of distinctions and the only way to savour the smokiness, richness or sweetness is to purchase a crate! It was a highly educational tour, as we sampled even whiskeys from closed distilleries. To learn the theory of various distillation processes (single batch, continuous distillation), diff blends and casks, to be told what single malt single grain etc was and to be able to taste what they were there and then etched every trivia of whiskey in my mind. My fav was the Port Ellen!! #onceinalifetime #diageo #whiskey #singlemalt #singlegrain

This Black Velvet cake deserves its own series but more so, the home baker whom I ordered it from. 4 days before the doc’s father’s birthday, I asked if @onetoughcookiesg could bake me a cake. I’ve never tried her cakes but the entire experience/process was spot on perfect. After going through her IG, I asked her to recommend one. There was no “everything is good” crap or “depends on what u like”’ she just told me what was their best seller and I said ok. No need for phone call. Everything was done via email even the customization and logistics. Her recommendation was the red velvet and when I asked to omit the raspberry for a masculine and more elegant visual, she suggested a Black Velvet instead of just omitting the raspberries. The fresh rosemary herbs added a wow effect when u opened the box. Black white gold and a dark green. How elegant! For a 2 tier cake, no wait, for any cake this cake was so moist. Yes so moist and so good was everyone’s immediate comment. Even the Happy Birthday Papa was automatically placed on the side for good photo taking angles without me directing it. I STRONGLY recommend this home baker for any cake u r thinking of. No bloat and no sweating for me which means sensitive me can confidently assume all the best ingredients used.

Look at that broth!! Gu Bak Kway Teow prepared by the prettiest hawker in town She really is known as the prettiest hawker in Georgetown. Hope she doesn't marry some wise guy who decides to value add by expanding it into a franchise and replace beef with wagyu and add shaved truffles and truffle oil and charge $50 #jhpenangoct2017

How to do a one night trip to penang, eat all u want all u want and not pack in the pounds PART 2 - Supper and drinks or rather drinks then supper. I almost always have my alcohol neat and not a big fan of cocktails but these whiskey sours were awesome. They actually look "appetizing"! 5 of us tourists drinking, opposite a slanted building and singing along to 70s and 80s cover versions and asking each other if we knew who sang the songs. How cool were we?! Supper was another feast but I didn't bring my phone along so only managed to have a pic of this ultra wok hei hor fun. We had steamed chicken, herbal bak kut teh in claypot, hokkien mee and wonton noodles. Finished everything but the wonton noodles. No one touched the wonton noodles and someone said "ummm singapore standard not bad" 😜😱😱😱#foodgasm #jhpenangoct2017

Roadside apom. So fluffy. Like pancakes #foodgasm #dessertporn #jhpenangoct2017

How to do a one night trip to penang, eat all u want all u want and not pack in the pounds PART 1 #eat #foodgasm #jhpenangoct2017

She called me "dear" 😱😍 - my experience tonight was very mixed. If anything it was the policies and protocols that raised expectations of what my experience was going to be. Usually it's the food, service, ambience or hardware, price that "imperfects" the dining experience. It was none of these. I am already so wordy and this is even more difficult to describe. My go to is Chope for reservations. Sometimes I just need to know whether i have a table right that instant and sometimes i want ideas. Sometimes I can't be talking on the phone during meetings, sometimes I don't want to be speaking with anyone. Chope showed it was fully booked but when I called the restaurant 10 mins after I had a table secured over the phone. Though made for 4 pax, I received a message saying it was secured for 1 pax. I had a call the day before to ask for credit card details to secure reservation. So I was expecting a very high end restaurant. Then another erroneous message was sent to say my Friday dinner confirmed for sat. My friend who had gone before mentioned to me that everything was good except the story telling of each dish was intrusive and unnecessary. Service was excellent - everyone there remembered my allergies. I am not opposed about dish story telling but in this case I concur that it was unnecessary because I couldn't taste all the subtleties in the dishes as described. And none of the special ingredients really stood out.the server was super friendly and chirpy but kept on saying sure thing and called my friend "DEAR". Decor was really tasteful and comfortable. My friend loved the ventilation. Price $140 per pax which is pretty much standard. For the experience and compared with what u have to pay these days everywhere else,worth it. It should be what it is - good restaurant to go on Friday night but it tried to stand out too much. Any restaurant which requires credit card confirmation should not be making rookie mistakes in reservations and should not be addressing customers as dear or bro. Personally I like it when I go hawker and they call me 帅哥 but weird if they did it at les amis

Gambit is a champion leaper. He doesn't run like my other poodles where they alternate between 4 limbs. Gambit pushes from his 2 hind legs and just leaps and leaps. U can't tell but the drain he jumped over was quite a big one and treacherous too. I had to carry bishop over and bishop is normally the foolhardy one who just cheongs. They loved the grass and bushes so much I felt so bad to bring them home.

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