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Despite it all, May was a good month. Here's to gaining a little more perspective and getting a little closer to understanding what's (ultimately) important. Thanks @maggiestylz for organizing an epic MDW.

As I sit in the Denver airport, I'm already reminiscing about the last 9 days in Mexico. I don't write anymore or have an outlet for my personal thoughts, so this may get long. I want everyone to know how special this week was. especially those who experienced it with me.

Beginning in Playa del Carmen with the Wanes, the love (and the tanning) got off to an early start. Brian and Karri have always been like an extended family to me, one that three months ago got even bigger with the addition of Wolfie. The week with them made our inside joke all the more apropos -- they're the Marshall and Lilly to my Ted (that's a How I Met Your Mother reference for those that don't know). I wouldn't have it any other way.
Once we got to Tulum, the good vibes were in full effect. It's a testament to Nam and Michelle and their uncanny ability to attract some of the most fun, loving, warm, brilliant people I've met. A testament to who they are and with whom they choose to surround themselves. The love they have for each other was in full view and inspiring. I've only ever cried at two weddings -- Karri and Brian's, Nam and Michelle. The honesty in their love and their devotion to each other moved me in a way I haven't experienced in some time. I felt truly honored to be able to spend this day with them, their family, and friends, both old and new.
Being away from the people I love has been the toughest part of living in Portland -- both my family and my closest friends. Weeks like this make me realize that distance is merely a surmountable obstacle we use as an excuse when we know we haven't been the friend/brother/son we want to be.
My heart is so full after this week. Writing these words gets me emotional again, but I need to do it to keep myself accountable. To make sure that I do everything I need to do to keep the people I love as close to me as possible.
We won't always have weddings or celebrations. It's up to us to book that flight, take that road trip, or make that phone call. Ultimately, the memories I'll make will far outweigh the money it takes to make it happen.
Congrats again to Nam and Michelle. This week meant the world to me.

Last full day in paradise. Time to celebrate the couple: @msmichellereed & @namn #lovenguyens #vacay #PTO #tulum

It's going to be real hard to come home. And I haven't even made it to Tulum yet. #vacay #playadelcarmen #PTO

Let the waves wash the [insert everything that has stressed me out] away. #vibes #PTO #playadelcarmen

My new favorite place | Lara & Luca, Playa del Carmen #playadelcarmen #vacay

What I look like after I shave my beard. #tbt #beardproblems #dadandson

"No one knows me like the piano, in my mother's home", Sampha | My favorite song of his. Epic.

I miss going to shows. Also, I'm old. #travisscott

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