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gabi  i always come home from war

redefining success to include what's broken in my mind. 📸: @saaanteria

please please me. 📸: @saaanteria

got a little photoshoot by @saaanteria coming

#yagirl is making moves. this is a magazine in Canada and for the next month i'll be slaving away to get 10 pieces made. the support i'm getting is wonderful, thank you

if you want a handmade shirt let me know your size and colour! $20 in person or $25 shipped, online shop is not open yet so just DM me or text me if you know me. for every shirt purchased a dollar will go to the international bipolar foundation.

saw a mountain across the horizon, got there, and realized it was just a pile of rocks

the average human works decades and decades just to reach Retirement. that's the end goal of all that work. my job is different than one with a 401k and a bank account full of savings. what i want to Retire from is the constant battle in my head that weighs me down. i want to Retire from the negative thoughts everyday when i wake up and every night when i go to sleep. i want to Retire from feeling useless and unwanted. i want to retire from everything bad that eats at me because of my mental illness. i want to RETIRE so that i can ENJOY LIFE. the face design on my clothing is my first ever self portrait and i picked it because it's the first time i was able to look at myself as something beautiful. i hope people dealing with similar issues as me are able to find my clothing and through it know that they're okay, that they're not alone. and i hope it will teach me the same. life is short but seems so long when you have a boxing match going on in your head everyday. i hope that through this project something huge erupts in all of us and maybe we can Retire together.

i swear i love u

many of you don't know but i suffer from severe bipolar disorder. there's isn't a lot out there on the subject, and it's talked about very little. because of that, i've decided that with every item purchased i'm going to donate $1 to the International Bipolar Foundation. the idea is to still make streetwear/ skate-style clothes but also donate to something that needs a lot of attention. putting in orders monday, shirts and hats will be ready for order by next friday! RETIRE from all the pain. •

which of these would you like to see next week?

i've always wanted to make clothes. but for the past few years when i see myself in dreams i'm always wearing a shirt that says "retire" on it and now i finally understand why. this is my calling, my craft, and Retire is my baby. so with that being said i present you with the official written logo. a lot to come in the next few weeks, thank you for the support.


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