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Paul Galichia 

we found this knucklehead - thank you everyone who helped us. seriously, without total strangers reaching out to us on Next Door and Pawboost, we might not have seen him again. People are very cool sometimes let’s not forget that!!

the many faces of the chooch #poppylouisegalichia

we just held each other and laughed and then were quiet for a long time and then laughed and talked and she’s doing much better and it’s all good I love her so so sooooooo much.

hey lovers happy easter 🤙🏼🐰 @k8dd

Ran into the Greatest Of All Time - Coach Dick Gould in Kauai. Best coach, best guy. Honored beyond words - seriously - to be a very, very, verrrrrrrrry small part of @stanfordmenstennis @gostanford Go Card Forever #gostanford

5 hours and counting...

#jadpants are a thing

new phase

Apple Pan Saturdays #applepan

so many good times already, so many good times on their way....happy valentines @k8dd

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