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Galia Dvorak  🏓 Table tennis 🦋 Butterfly Pro @butterflyttofficial 💁Youth Olympics Athlete Role Model 🚩 3x Olympian: 2008🇨🇳 2012🇬🇧 2016🇧🇷 🎯 Tokyo 2020

Today, the IOC president Mr. Thomas Bach came to watch some table tennis 🏓👀 @youtholympics @olympics @coe_es @rfetm #gamechangers #ARM

✨ 📣 Si eres chica y te gusta el tenis de mesa apúntate a este evento y acércate el sábado que viene a Calella. No importa el nivel que tengas ni tu edad, nos lo pasaremos bien y colaboraremos con una buena causa! #calella #tenisdemesa @calellaesmes @cttcalella 🏓 ✨

Yesterday was an intense day here in Buenos Aires! In the morning @seungmin.ryu.82 and I visited Manuel Dorrego primary school and in the afterron we watched the singles medal events at the table tennis venue. So far, this is being an amazing experience! #tabletennis #athleterolemodel @youtholympics @ittffoundation @ittfworld

Back home from #Alicante for just a few hours, tomorrow the french league starts! #nonstop #tabletennis 🏓 @butterflyttofficial

"I heard there is people who likes pineapple on their pizza" 🍍🚫🍕 foto @ittfworld @mariaxiao

¡Ha llegado el día! Hoy a las 20.30 empiezo a competir en el #AlicanteEuros2018 y el primer partido será en dobles mixtos junto a @arobles_4 #vamos

Welcome to #Alicante! Enjoy the best table tennis in the world! 🌍🙈🎉 #alicanteEuros2018 @rfetm @ettu_official @butterflyttofficial

Training camp before #alicanteEuros2018 I really missed this girl @mariaxiao ❤️

When you BFF gets married tomorrow 💖 @kris2604 @jessica_mb88 💖

👑 The origin of the name could be interpreted in two different meanings, however, both are derives from the Ancient Greek Mythology. The First from “GALANE” - GALAXY of Serenity, Tranquility and Calmness in Greek and Roman - Galaxy - the Greek name for the Milky Way (Γαλαξίας Galaxias) is derived from the Greek word for milk (γάλα, gala). The Second meaning arrives also from Ancient Greek myth: Galene was one of the Nereid mermaids, known as the goddess of calm seas.

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