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Gali  On my own program.

Selfieing because I stole @ninatravers' @shopbglittz cape and I had to 📸✨

This is my @britneyspears #pieceofme carousel. Now I will stop bothering you with Britney pics. @ninatravers @ashleejohansen @jaimefinkel

My life will never be the same.

Dearest @ninatravers,
Our friendship is a true testament to how quickly two people can become soul mates. These are all the photos I have of us together, proving how short a time we've known each other, how busy we both are, and how much fun we have when we're together that we don't remember to take pics. It also proves that we've been making weird faces and/or wearing strange costumes in the majority of our time together. You are such a good friend it's hard to describe to people who just have average friends. You are always available for my "crises" and give me brutal honesty when I need it while simultaneously having my back through my worst decisions. You've taught me to be more direct and honest, and when it's actually in my best interest to give up. I wish that we were both in town more at the same time, and I wish that we were more social so that we could actually spend some time together once in a while. Until then, festivals will have to do. There's no one else I'd want reading me a bedtime story in an intergalactic metallic rainbow room. And now the whole world knows too. Happiest of birthdays! 🎂
Love always,
Gali ❤️

Ride or Dies

🌊 *full moon lunar eclipse*ringing in magic*


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Dear Trees:
The feeling is mutual.
Love, Gali

I used to take everything really, really seriously.

ImsorryForgivemeIloveyouThankyou •• thx @youfoundmolly55 for this confusing mantra that didn't mean anything but means the world now so I guess I felt I should immortalize it here in lieu of a tattoo and btw everyone that's how you use the phrase "in lieu" pls stop using it incorrectly.

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