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Two weeks. Two weeks of fun, work and insanity. I was in Hawaii. Then the Madonna Inn. Then NYC. Travel is def exhausting, but I love it. Especially when I get to go to such interesting places. I’m back home finally and ready to rest and relax. (But so many Madonna Inn photos.... just you wait. Swipe for a preview...)

The definition of STOKED. —————
Last week my mind was blown. I was in Hawaii for work. I was there for an incredible surf competition, the Vans Triple Crown, and it was amazing. But the highlight for me was 100% meeting this crew. The @Vans pro skateboard team. I ran an IG session with them and I know they were probably dreading it. (Who wants to sit in a conf room in Hawaii?) But they were amazing. So kind and cool. They laughed. They paid attention. They later made fun of my constant “shoot vertical!!” mantra. And they really made this trip special. These guys are crazy, but they are also phenomenal athletes. Fucking talented riders. And pretty damn smart too. Thanks Geoff, Tony, Kyle, Chima, Elijah, Ave, Gilbert, and Rowan.
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Aloha. If you’ve been following my Stories you may have noticed I’m in Hawaii. For work. Which uh...NEVER happens. My incredible @vans clients invited me to the Vans Triple Crown Surf competition to hold three different sessions with their surf, skate and creative teams. It has been a mind blowing experience, to say the least. I’m headed home now but still have lots of photos to share. Life has its ups and downs but feeling the Aloha Vibes has been very restorative. Mahalo Vans for inviting me on this journey.🌺🌈

Apparently I’m not very good at blending in. 🤷🏻‍♀️

meet ya in 5....mwuah.

We spent Thanksgiving in Palm Springs and spent the day exploring. We made the trek out to the Salton Sea and once again, Salvation Mountain. I love it there. It’s is a pretty special place (and amazingly there weren’t very many people there). If you get the chance to visit, it’s worth it. But don’t pick a super hot day. It’s literally smack dab in the middle of nowhere. ✨🌈✨

The bad news? It didn’t taste very good. But at least I got a pretty picture out of the deal.☀️

Ahhhh. We found fresh air.

Just breathe.
California is burning. The air quality in Oakland (Bay Area) is so bad from the fires, it’s officially the worst in the entire world today. Not a contest we ever wanted to win. We couldn’t leave this weekend but we are headed to Palm Springs this week and hopefully can take big gulps of fresh air. If you live somewhere where the air is fresh, I encourage you to take a nice deep breath. Like many things in life, you don’t realize how good it feels until you can’t. ❤️

Always looking for the bright at the end of the tunnel ...

Meet the Instagram Fam.

One more from NYFW. The vibrant Alice + Olivia show was the polar opposite of Mansure. An explosion of color and pattern. I fit right in. ——> s w i p e

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