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Galen Koch  Documentarian, radio maker // for airstream renovations and The First Coast (Telling Stories By Mainers For Mainers) follow @thefirstcoast

Little fall light beauty boy 🍂🌝🌖❤️

It’s been a month since we gathered far out to sea on a very special piece of earth to celebrate Zephyr + Tony. And on that day we surrounded them with love and support and deep cackling, actual happy sobbing, and Dworsky/Davis tomfoolery (the good, bad, best). Love you always and forever (can I marry you too?) @zdworsky and @heytonyb - also thanks @jamiemercuriophoto for taking so many photos of me guffawing. 🌝 and last but not least shout out to @svlittledipper and Selah, cause I just love yah cuties and I’ll be getting prints of Selah pics 🤷🏼‍♀️ 💛
📸: @jamiemercuriophoto

Last night / today. This space transforms! 🌞🏄🏽‍♀️ Oh, and I’m exhausted. .
Thanks for a great party @space538 !

Come party yee portlanders! Airstream is decked out with a cool installation by your truly (check @thefirstcoast stories to seeeere) and we’ll be dancing at 9 pm at 121 Cassidy point!! It’s all here. $20. Support SPACE! @space538

It’s one of those airstream days. Feeling some nostalgia for all the work (over the past -ALMOST- two years) that has gone into @thefirstcoast , from these humble beginnings grinding rust off a frame (thanks @wyldephoto for documenting) to the nomadic life Zed and I now lead, our trips to Lubec and Stonington and our upcoming month-long trip to Jonesport (starts oct 25!).... BUT NOW, in just over a week, on September 8th, I’ll be outfitting the inside of Cilla as a space station transmitting scenes from earth - check @space538 for details on that wicked PARTY - featuring some home video mash ups and some audio-installation realness. It’s a good excuse to go back to the drawing board, to edit something super weird and maybe even noisey. Come hang September 8th and see Cilla! But also come to support Space Gallery because, without them and @kindlingfund , this work and this life would not have been possible. .
#thefirstcoast #airstreamrenovation #spacegallery #thekindlingfund

The tin can is finally cool(er) today and Zed’s tongue is inside his mouth for the first time in days and that’s good for everyone. 🌞 (also he rolled in stinky seaweed this morn but I’ve just given up and we’re living in a summer-stink-sweat den, #pickyourbattles )

It’s #nationaldogday or something and this is a throwback to my first week with Zed. I didn’t know what I was in for. This little guy has put me through the paces - he’s energetic, he’s independent, he’s a madman, but he’s my favorite. Dog ownership has meant going home when I don’t want to and taking walks in the rain when I REALLY don’t want to. Cattle dog mixes are not for the faint of heart 🙄 but my goodness I cherish this boy. He makes me laugh when I angry and angry when I’m laughing. But I’m thankful that from Day 1 he knew how to snuggle and he continues to be my favorite cuddler at 1 3/4 years old. Happy dog day to the boy of my dreams. #zed (also shout out to our favorite old girl May who’s butt is featured in this pic ❤️ @mollyspadone @matthewarcara )

Antidote to not being able to get into any restaurants in Portland: demolition derby. #locals #summerinmaine @letsonbay @mbrooooooks @chriscboots @krammmertime

I hardly had my phone on me all week/weekend, but I did capture this quick little video of peaceful island beauty. What a wonderful week celebrating the love of two favorites @zdworsky and @heytonyb ❤️ can’t wait to see actual photos 💁🏼‍♀️ and to be your stay-at-home nanny when the time comes 🏄🏽‍♀️

Foggy dreamscapes ❤️🌫

Just me and these little pit bros 🐶❤️🐶 #puppylove

All right one more #fromthearchives today just to prove to my friends that I’ve always danced this way, so there’s no stopping it now. (All these boys are now fathers) @ezbako @sam_d_koch @ikestenbaum #rocknroll #babygay

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