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✨GalaxyRin✨  ☆DG (EN): [CEHGXLVP] Rozu⚡Rin🔥Zetta📚Karin👽Asteria🧜‍♀️ ☆(EN) alt: [YVDJJ4] Kayo🧚‍♂️Naomi 🍃 ☆(JP): [2GHQNUF7] Akio🔎Rika🛍Sayuri 🐏

Alright alright
At this point I can't remember what Zetta's personality was pre-DG, but this one is cute and shy and reminds me of Ruby and Pana, so I'll keep it for now~ it feels weird not having her as Intelligent though 😅
I'm pretty sure she did talk with a stutter though 🤔

I'm genuinely in tears rn, this is my dream Ruby and I saved up for like 11 pulls when she first came out and didn't get her. I did all her birthday steps and didn't get any URs, but I did the limited smile box in a last ditch attempt and......She's here.........I can't believe this is real oh my god

Various cute solo recs from the last few days 💕 posting a lot at once because I'm trying not to use too much data ><'

Asteria would make a good idol 🤔💖

@lunakurosawa hewwo??

Sorry I'm posting a bunch at once but thank you for all the great recs @picosagthi 💕

Oh damn 👏👏👏

Ragtags hell ye ✌

Another event girl!! Ginger hair is so good....

Ok but now I have both versions of this, once I unlock Thalia she can wear the original and Asteria can wear this one so they match 😭💖

It's been quite the morning

I haven't used this body accessory before, but it's so much cuter than it's icon suggests

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