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Ryan Kirkman  Yes I have a gf

At work earlier today before hitting the gym and killing my chest and triceps sipping on my @magickandmuscle BCAA'S , there is no excuses not to put in work!! it's all about how bad do you want it !!! #allboutthegains #do_work_son @nutrimartpoway @magickandmuscle @5percentnutrition @warfit_gym @bodybuilding.guides @bodyspartan @buckedupsupps

Hahaha gotta get after it and make Monday your B*#$h ! Just got home to chomp down that post gym meal killed leg day with squats , dead lifts and some drop sets with leg extensions and since that wasnt enough i added some chest , arms and shoulder work too, why you ask? cause I can . Cause Monday ain't got sh*t on me !!! #allboutthegainz #do_work_son #monday_shmonday @magickandmuscle @batespowerlifting @tatiana.shvachuk @nutrimartpoway @bodybuilding.guides @bodyspartan @inkandbones.athletics @bodybuildingcom @ramonafitness

Me and my boy doing some go cart racing sowing some fools how it's done taking first place cause that's how we roll of u ain't first ur last hahaha #goodtimes #familygainz

Haha one of my personal fav's as well go get some gains after you get ur candy on this Halloween! @magickandmuscle @nutrimartpoway @petersannicolas @inkandbones.athletics@bodybuildingcom @bodyspartan

Another pic from the other night had to get the back shot looking good out and about showing off those gains in the @magickandmuscle shirt and snap back why not show all that hard work you put in every day. Go get u some gains and some @magickandmuscle. #allboutthegains #do_work_son #rfcmuclemilitia #bodybuilding #thatliftinglife @nutrimartpoway

Out having a great time with my girl the other night sporting the @magickandmuscle V neck and strength of the gods hat go pick some up not just for the gym any more. Plus you gotta show off them gains you earned when u go out.#rfcmuclemilitia #allboutthegainz #do_work_son @magickandmuscle @5percentnutrition @nutrimartpoway @petersannicolas @thehouseofgainz

Flipped that 250lb tire to and up that hill and back down 3 times for good measure now at the gym for some hit cardio , squats and dead lifts for some extra fun cause it's leg day! #allboutthegainz #do_work_son #legday#rfcmuclemilitia @magickandmuscle @petersannicolas @5percentnutrition @nutrimartpoway @1dayumay @bodyspartan @thehouseofgainz

Transformation Tuesday I very first started at 331 lbs I am down too 201 as of sat and i feel 120% better in every aspect of my life. Its not just the fat loss but all the muscle I have added. Ben a long road but definitely worth it 100% worth everyday drop of sweat, blood and every day after waking up sore pain is groth u learn and you grow from it in many ways. I am not ready to hit the stage yet but I will make it there. Anyone can do it all it's about is putting in that work no matter what. it's hard work , dedication inspiration and motivation the body will achevie what the mind believes and no one controls ur mind but you. #doworkson #allboutthegains @magickandmuscle @petersannicolas @thehouseofgainz @bodyspartan @5percentnutrition @1dayumay @nutrimartpoway @inkandbones.athletics

It's flex Friday . It's kind of a big deal haha killing those arms outti ngg in that work so they can grow. #do_work_son #allboutthegains @magickandmuscle @5percentnutrition @nutrimartpoway @petersannicolas @bodyspartan @inkandbones.athletics @1dayumay

Killed it tonight with a 1000 reps arm workout and a 100 reps on Arnold press for good measure putting in that work. #do_work_son #allboutthegains @magickandmuscle @nutrimartpoway @petersannicolas @5percentnutrition @1dayumay @bodyspartan @inkandbones.athletics @thehouseofgainz

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