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Pocket Sized Hercules  Living my best life while doing fit stuff, blessing you all with my cute animals, and eating carbs ✌🏽 @biohealthnutrition - save 20% use code "gains"

That shine and sparkle after a great leg day ✨Feeling like a happy lil mermaid in these colors 💜💙

Hi, enjoy some of these leg and booty gains workout from today, while my legs are currently feeling like 🍝I felt like a little birdie in the first video 🐥🤗Sumo deadlifts & leg presses weren't recorded, but they hurt soooo goooood!

A great way to improve your pull-up game is by having a set total amount to do for that day, do them, but this doesn't have to be done in one set! Just do as much as you can, rest for a few secs, then keep pulling up until you hit your total goal number. For example: if your goal number for day is 5 total, do them (with rests in btw if you can't do it consecutively)! Then next time aim for 6 total, etc. Be consistent. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
If you cannot do pull-ups without assist, then do them with assistance machines or bands first.

BICEP PUMPS ON A FRIDAY MORNING! I pressed snooze on my alarm clock about 20 times this morning, but I made it. I'm still here chasing goals, aaaannnd I couldn't think of a better way to start the weekend. Last video will get you the biggest bicep gains.😂You're welcome!🤗
1. Bicep barbell curls
2. Sitting mid barbell curls
3. Standing single outer bicep curls
4. Bicep bench lifts
Yeaaaah some of those names I completely made up because it makes sense! Enjoy your Friday my beautiful peeps!

If you wanna be a little ray of sunshine, be a little ray of sunshine ☀️ Remember that no one can take your shine away from you. Keep on shining and spread that sunshine onto others.💗 Click my photo to check out a few gals that bring sunshine into my life and others.😊

Good vibes on leg day ✨Ft. my wide rib cage and biceps

You guys..I'm probably going to delete this, but check me out as a baby 😂 My eyes can see into your soul.👀If you didn't smile at all at this pic, you don't have a soul.

Don't sit there wanting and wishing for results, instead get up and work for it. In order to be successful with anything, you have to wake up and chase your dreams☑️ put in hard work☑️ stop making excuses ☑️and remember that dedication doesn't have an off season. 💯#TrainingForLife #BuildingMyCurves #ItsCalledMuscle #GainsAllOver

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Working on my swole on a Monday morning! There's something about 6AM workouts that get me going for the week 💃🏽Ended my upper body workout with 5 sets of this lil circuit with 10 sec rest in between sets! Love these for the shoulders!

If you don't have a smile today, I'll give you one of mine.💗Happy Sunday sunshines! #SoCheesy #LastNightsOutfit #ILearnedHowToPutOnNormalClothes

Ever see something cute on mannequins and think "it's so cute! I must try it on" and then it looks nothing like how the mannequin wore it, the shirt was about to untie on me and the pants were so loose all over. Welp...that's me all of the time. Come to find out they safety pinned the heck out of the pants to make it fit the fake bishhhh 😂 I'm officially a shopping fail and extremely picky. At least my bank account stays happy. LOL

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