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ไก่ไก่ไทย  We hailed from the streets ➕ farmers markets of Southwest Minneapolis. Fluorescent lighting still makes us wistful for Northeast Thailand. ON HOLIDAY


Someones been waiting months for Korean flank steak pizza. Happy Birthday, 'Merica!

B knows the difference between Wrong (Force Awakens, Jar Jar) and Right (This! This! This!, especially Donnie Yen's blind, Jedi-lite monk.) 'Sides, there's a "Bodhi" in the movie...

Amazing. A testament to the Khmer and Buddhist community in Minisoda.

Decimating, on so many levels. Good Night America, and Good Luck.

Both B and I were mesmerized by this: hundreds of thousands of mourners singing the royal anthem in honor of late Thai King Bhumipol Adulyadej Saturday at Bangkok's Sanam Luang. Repost from @thairathtv.

'Til next time...

When you "Do North" you kinda gotta go all the way. Naw, we don't mean camping (Asian people + camping...55555) but trying out North Shore renditions of Congee (left) and Bibambap.

Rock-tossing padawan doing work.

B's feelin' Minisoda.

From the -- ahem -- gently used decor,  friendly, efficient "fer sure" waitresses and menu (all-u-can-eat walleye Fridays!), Positively. Old. School.

.👋 from the North Shore.

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