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Gaiapatra™  fantasy over everything creative being atlanta PR/booking: 💌 ⬇️PRINTS/MERCH BELOW⬇️

ALWAYS down to pose with furry friends. @lovablelorelei 🐶💟⁣

Should I post a few more from this set shot by @anabeldflux? Thinking about turning one of the shots in to a Christmas card to send my friends who don't mind seeing my butt for the millionth time.😂

Splatter eyes. 🔪⁣
This eye look was inspired by @beckyaddams. She's always posting the best messy/splattery eye looks, so I decided to add a little bit to my makeup the other day. ⁣
✖️For the blood splatter portion, I used @katvondbeauty liquid lipstick in shade Vampira.⁣
✖️Eyes: @sugarpill goldilux, @blackmooncosmetics cold & black from the Orb Of Light palette, @pacificabeauty Stellar Gaze mascara. ⁣
✖️Inner corner is craft glitter. 🚫Do not use craft glitter like I do. It's not safe near the eyes.🚫⁣
✖️Brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow pomade in shade Granite with Granite powder on top. @tartecosmetics shape tape concealer in fair.⁣

Anyone else love messy eye looks? 🖤

We are stuck in this world, that's not meant for me. 👽⁣
Photo by @anabeldflux
Wearing @clubexxclothing @dollskill #dollskill #clubexx

Standing outside where The Office was filmed. 📺

I'm the ghost that never leaves your heart.🥀⁣
Photo by @anabeldflux
Wearing @dollskill #dollskill

After years of talking about making some videos on makeup, my beliefs and life, etc., I finally decided to go through with it. I'll be working on hopefully getting that ready to post to my YouTube channel this month! A big thank you to @anabeldflux for helping film it so I could stop making excuses to not do it! I'll post updates once the video is edited and ready.📽️💄👽 #ispyacookiefromveggiegrill

What are you asking for for Christmas? 🎁⁣

✍🏻Two photo shoots down, one to go! I'm still out on my LA trip and have been so busy the last few days working with @anabeldflux. Today is our last work day together and it's going to be a crazy one! I wish I could stay out here longer. 😭⁣

📸 Photo by @anabeldflux
Wearing lingerie from @dollskill. #dollskill

After getting a lot of requests to put out a shirt with me on it, I'm finally looking in to making that an option for my store! I made this design for a shirt option using one of the unreleased photos from my most recent shoot with @davidhobbsphotography.⁣
What do you guys think? 💛🖤 #inicknamedthislordofthecockrings

No maker made me.⁣ 🔺
Photo by @davidhobbsphotography
Body paint & makeup assistance by @artitus13
Wearing @wonderlandmc98 jewelry & @scleracontacts lenses.

I've always felt like an alien on this planet. I don't understand how humans just continue beliefs or behavior simply because it's been normalized. How do you not question everything you've been taught or think? Why isn't everyone unpacking their own thought patterns, and questioning if it ACTUALLY makes sense? Why is it okay to not see something as a problem just because it doesn't personally impact your individual life? Why do we point the finger at women who have been sexually assaulted and question why they went to that location instead of the men who committed the crime? Why do we assign our self worth to an assessment of our physical appearance? Why do we all claim to want love but act on ego instead? Why do we speak about celebrities/artists in such a vile, judgemental way we'd never speak about our peers? Why do we convince ourselves that we'll finally be happy if we can afford meaningless superficial purchases? Why do we only fight against the abuse of pets instead of all animals? Why do we deny the impact of mental health on our entire life? Why do men even feel comfortable telling a woman they don't know in public to smile? Why do we believe every person who acts nice to us is a good person?
. This is why I've always felt pretty alone in the world. I question everything and constantly unpack my own beliefs to keep evolving, but the more I do, the less people I connect with. The less people understand me. 👽
.🔺 Photo by @davidhobbsphotography .🔺 Body paint & makeup assistance by @artitus13 .🔺 Wearing @wonderlandmc98 jewelry & @scleracontacts .🔺 Link in my bio for prints & posters.

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.🔺 Two unreleased photos from my set
This is my favorite photo series to date and I wanted to make it available for everyone online shopping tonight/tomorrow. Thank you to everyone single person who supports my art. It means more to me than you know. 💛

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