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Gaia Herbs  Cultivating healthy relationships between plants and people for 30 years. 🌺🙏🌿

Happy Summer Solstice! It’s a time to reflect on the cycles of nature and give thanks for the warmth, passion, and vitality of summer. As you welcome in the new light of the season, may you embody the words of our dear friend @RockyDawuni and "cultivate a mind that harbors goodwill toward nature and all of life." 🌞 Shine your light at the link in our bio. #SummerSolstice #LiveUplifted

These two inspiring women truly know how herbal extracts help calm the mind and support a healthy, balanced mood! 😊 What fun it was during yesterday's exclusive NYC press event to be energized by the wisdom of Gaia's Director of Medical Education Dr. Mary Bove and wellness architect @Dr.Zelana. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the power of plant intelligence and Gaia's newest product Mood Uplift. Make sure to check out our Instagram story for more from this special event. #Herbalism #HealthIsWealth #LiveUplifted

Today marks the beginning of National Pollinator week, a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what we can all do to protect these important species. To inspire you to join the cause in support of pollinators, we’ve teamed up with our friends @SavannahBeeCo.

GIVEAWAY! Enter to win by following @GaiaHerbs, commenting with how you support pollinators and tagging a friend. For an extra chance to win, make sure you follow @SavannahBeeCo and comment on their post. The giveaway includes Gaia Herbs Golden Milk, Savannah Bee Company Bee Cause Honey, pollinator-friendly seeds to sow in your backyard, and more! #NationalPollinatorMonth #EcoGiveaway #GaiaHerbs

One lucky winner will be randomly selected when the contest ends June 24, 2018. View official contest rules at the link in our bio.

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Find your inner calm, and treat yourself to a vibrant, delicious mug of Golden Milk as a nourishing and restorative act of self-care. The only requirement is that you breathe deeply and sip slowly. Treat yourself at the link in our bio. 😊 📸 @alohalotuskauai #GoldenMilk #SelfCare #LiveUplifted

It's National Pollinator month — the perfect time to create your own haven for pollinators. Now through the end of the month, spend $25 or more at and receive a FREE Power To The Pollinators flower mix seed packet with any purchase. Click the link in our bio to shop now. 🐝 🦋 🦇 #savethepollinators #pollinatormonth #pollinators

If you’ve found yourself having trouble putting your phone or laptop down, it may be time for a digital detox. By periodically unplugging, you can truly start focusing your energy on experiences that nourish your spirit. Refresh your brain by giving it a few moments throughout the day to wander, to take in the surroundings and appreciate where you are in the present moment. Take a step outside, pluck a few of your favorite flowers, enjoy the vibrant scents, and immerse yourself within the natural sounds of the outdoors. A moment with nature may be all that is needed to find contentment without the glow of a screen. Visit the link in our bio for more ways to take a break from the digital world. #DigitalDetox #SpringToLife #SelfCare #LiveUplifted

Are you grateful for the role pollinators play in your life? Nature’s smallest yet hardest-working creatures are the unsung heroes of the natural world — producing one out of three bites of food we eat — helping us all to live happier and healthier lives. Beyond the common bumblebees and butterflies, did you know that other pollinators include ants, birds, bees, bats, moths and beetles? Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies use flowering plants for food, while spiders, flies and wasps use flowering plants as hiding places. Learn more about the importance of our pollinator friends at the link in our bio. 🐝 #SaveTheBees #NationalPollinatorMonth #Pollinators

Whether you are cultivating a plot of land, nurturing a couple of raised beds, or giving love to a planter on your patio, gardening encourages behaviors that nourish your well-being. What could be better than being able to eat straight from your garden? Gardening allows easy access to fresh produce straight from the earth, and it can help ease the mind as you’ll know exactly where your food comes from. Plant a garden, feed your soul, and discover the joy of digging your hands in fertile soil. 🌿 What do you have growing in your garden? #OrganicGardening #LocallyGrown #GaiaFarm

At Gaia, we are committed to making conscious choices to keep our planet healthy. Our sustainability efforts ensure that we use responsible land stewardship practices during every step of the manufacturing process. Since 2009, we have partnered with Pratt Industries to help us stay at the forefront of innovative and sustainable shipping efforts. Through this partnership we are able to reduce landfill waste and save CO2. Each quarter we collect 35 tons of waste corrugate and paper, which we send to Pratt, who in turn repurpose those materials for our shipping boxes. This closed-loop shipping system allows us to continue working symbiotically with nature. Learn more about our shipping efforts and 100% recycled packaging at the link in our bio. #WorldEnvironmentDay #HonorMotherEarth #Sustainability 🌱🌍

While self-care looks different for everyone, simple practices that combine mindful activities and herbs can work symbiotically to help reduce stress and increase well-being.* Whether you're new to the art of mindfulness or have a steady routine, stress still has a way of inviting itself in. The good news? There are a variety of herbs that can naturally support a calm and relaxed mood for those times when your wellness rituals could use an extra boost. Passionflower is an effective but gentle herb that supports relaxation and a deep sense of calm.* Mesmerizing and beautiful yet delicate, this native wildflower has also been known to support a balanced mood and promote restful sleep.* Visit the link in our bio for more calming herbs to add to your self-care routine. #SelfCare #LiveUplifted #Passionflower

It’s a cherished tradition, a sign that summer is here, and a long weekend that we at Gaia Herbs eagerly anticipate all year long — the 25th Anniversary of the Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium is nearly here. What started as a gathering for medical herbalists and clinicians in a tent in Ashland, Massachusetts in 1993, has grown to appeal to a broad spectrum of attendees. From botanists, gardeners, and farmers, to registered nurses, acupuncturists, and massage therapists, at Medicines From The Earth, everyone is welcome. This year, we are honored to have our director of Medical Education, Dr. Mary Bove share her herbal expertise with this growing community. With 350 acres of fertile farmland, we look forward to welcoming conference attendees to the Gaia farm to experience the beauty of nature and the wisdom of plant intelligence. 🌿 Learn more at the link in our bio. #MedicinesFromTheEarth #Herbalism #GaiaHerbs

Every sunset is an opportunity to express gratitude for the harmony and balance found within the day. 🌄 In this moment, find a way to rekindle your connection with the Earth. Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly and let nature envelop you within her gallery of infinite creation. #GaiaFarm #Valerian #MindfulMoment

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