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gaby lanz  my feet are probably sandy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📍south florida

There are so many things i don’t talk about on here often simply because i prefer not to dwell any more than i already do. I think about my shit enough. Trust me. But, i think it’s also really important that you remember that there is is wayyyyyy more to me beyond what’s captured on a screen. Because what’s caught are moments. Moments that in between whatever shit I’m dealing with made me smile, or feel good, or alive, or connected....i think that’s the point. I want you to know that no matter what is happening in my life or yours, there are moments, sometimes so squeezed and squished in that you don’t really notice them happening, that are well and truly good. It’s up to us to be aware enough to find these moments when they happen and acknowledge them for what they are,the ‘despite whatever’ moments and that’s what i try to share. So maybe, instead of looking at someone’s ‘highlight reel’ we see them instead. People living and doing things despite whatever struggles they face in their own life. We’ve all got shit. Perfect lives are rare. Perfect moments happen all the time.

Channeling my inner captain Ron 🤣 @vince_lanz and his dad have been restoring this @boston_whaler for months and yesterday we took it out for its first ride with the new motor. It still needs name...

floating, moving slowly, taking advantage of a spontaneous burst of energy

you are the only person you need to be good enough for

4th beach day in a row. Haven’t got a thing done but priorities first, ya know? ☺️🌊☀️🏄‍♀️🤙

Checking in/checking out with @pranamat. This mat helps me focus on my body and ease any tension. (#Pranamat is eco-friendly 🍃 + right now they are gifting a tote bag with each purchase. It can carry the mat or pillow plus it make for a great plastic-free alternative for groceries or shopping🙌)•BODY SCAN: Pause for a moment and with eyes open or closed, take notice. If you’re sitting or standing, is your spine rounded forward or nice and long? Are your shoulders up by your ears or lower down? Can you let them sink down just a bit more? Notice your’s surprising how much tension we hold here. Let. It. Go. Such a difference right?....You can start from your feet and work your way up, or switch it up but scan yourself often, check in with each and every part and piece, check in with your breath. Observe, adjust. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Sitting, standing, stretching, moving, in the car, watching tv, laying on a @pranamat .... It has the sweet side effect of leaving you feeling more at ease AND it builds self awareness that you can bring to your physical practice.
#awareness #selfawareness #massage #acupressure #plasticfree #ecofriendly #stressrelief

I’ve got a peaceful easy feeling ...

I cried over soup last night. It was that good. My friend came over and cooked for me, teaching me the whole time bc I’m a total kitchen dummy and i have to learn to cook and eat at home for a while because of these new food allergies. She whipped me up this creamy potato soup and roasted garlic dip (which is heaven btw) and i cannot even explain how good this was on a soul level to have a meal that i knew wasn’t going to make me sick. For the first time in a long time i let go and let myself enjoy each and every single bite. @gypseaskye please be my my Italian grandma forever 😘

I take one day off and before i blink it’s been a week. 🤷‍♀️ Most of you know i deal with anxiety, depression and stomach issues and I’ve started seeing a functional medicine dr who tested me for food allergies and woah guys, I’m allergic to so much and it’s so overwhelming that it’s felt like my head is spinning and won’t stop. Almost everything on the no no list is stuff i ate regularly, if not daily. It explains a lot and I’m really happy to have answers but restriction and diets are so not my thing. But that is life right? So i took a few days to figure things out, let myself feel all the emotions, try to come up with a plan and rest this tired bod. I just have to keep reminding myself that i still get chocolate, tea and coffee 🙏☺️ #ihavetolearntocook #allergyfriendly
#mindfuleating #foodintolerance #naturegram
#wellnessjourney 📷: @beyondthesea.mama.b

Gaby is short for Gabrielle.
In a dream world i could thrive off of bread and chocolate and read science fiction/fantasy novels on a beach for a living.
Im half Moroccan.
I love diy stuff and doing projects. We’ve built a lot of the furniture in our house. (I’ll show you the last piece we finished in my stories)
I’m a registered nurse but not currently working as one.
I’ve had a daily yoga practice for 4 years.
Handstands are my jam. They also used to look like Asher’s.
I’m an awful cook. My mom didn’t cook. My grandmother didn’t cook. I’m just following the tradition. But i can sometimes like baking and making raw treats.
My favorite color is gray, then green or blue.
I’ve been almost leaving the house without shoes too often lately. @vince_lanz says it’s because I belong on an island and I agree.
My little sister’s getting married and I’m a matron of honor and really need to remember to order my dress today.
Just a little random useless information while it storms over here. This video is from the other day before all this rain came. Happy Labor Day 💙

Guess he was done 🤣 •GIVEAWAY•
Win a comfy @satyayogawear jumper like mine! @coffeeandrainbows , @natashaswinter and I each have one to giveaway. Just make sure to be following @satyayogawear and all three of us + tag a friend in the comments below. Then go and comment under Toni and Natasha’s posts so you have three chances to win. That’s it! Tag as many friends as you want for extra entries. Giveaway will run till Sunday night (9/2) and winner will be announced in our stories.
Happy Saturday!
Ps. I left the volume on just for lo at the end ☺️

On the menu for today:
•short sweaty flow
•yin holds with a focus on hips or heart. (haven’t picked yet, maybe both cuz this body can use it)
•forearm and wrist massages (i love using @yunibeautybrand Chillax muscle recovery gel)
•soak up some sunshine
•love up on all my boys
•take it as easy as possible
#itsbeenalongweek #selfcare #yogapractice #sponsored

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