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my most favorite humans minus one who’s off on a plane flying people who knows where...

Oh hi grasshopper press, we finally meet again

always by my side

It’s wet and rainy out, I’m two cups of tea deep and I’m about to sit in front of the computer with vince to finish up a huge project that we worked on together the last few weeks. We’ve also been practicing together, taking tons of online classes and focusing on fundamentals for him. Going back to the beginning has been a nice and much needed change of pace for me, resparking and reminding me why i live/love this practice. So that’s why i haven’t been sharing too much yoga lately. Busy being mindful while i do all the things. But here’s a fun headstand flow i shared the other day over on @yunibeautybrand ’s page during my takeover. Maybe I’ll be able to get Vince headstanding in a flow soon...🙏😆😊

We paddled to this tiny strip of beach surrounded by mangroves that you can only get to by water. It was Lo’s first time getting in a kayak. Vince had to drop him in mine and push us off before he could climb out 😹 He wasn’t too stoked at first but eventually i think he liked it though he won’t admit it, the stubborn kid. @gypsea_skye took me climbing in the trees, little pufferfish were swimming past our feet and for a little while no phones were checked and no fucks were given and then we went and had tacos. .
📸: @vince_lanz

Hey friends,
I’ll be taking over the @yunibeautybrand Instagram today and tomorrow. Come say hi!

The way we
describe our lives
is sort of the way
our lives become.
speak highly of yours

When was the last time you played in the rain?

growing things

Ash was so young when I finished nursing school. I‘d started a few months before i became pregnant and continued as close as I could to my due date but had to drop a clinical course bc my date was set right before the class ended and if you miss any time in clinicals you don’t pass, no exceptions. So I took a break and had my little man. I started back up again as soon as I was able except I was battling severe post partum complications. I ended up having multiple surgeries and all sorts of issues but eventually finished.
My graduation was a big event and i skipped it. Instead, my best friend and I took Ash and her daughter to the beach and we celebrated one of the biggest milestones of my life . There’s a photo from that day that will forever be one of my most cherished. It was me and a tiny Ash holding hands and walking towards the water.
We took this photo a couple weeks on his 8th birthday.

flowing in the sunshine as usual
I was chuckling to myself as i wrote this. My captions always sound like a daily weather report 😹🤷‍♀️☀️

board meeting

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