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gaby lanz  my feet are probably sandy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📍south florida

instagram vs reality...
tea: peppermint
bra/leggings: @shopdyi via @yogaoutlet
socks: stolen from @vince_lanz ‘s drawer

what happens when i wear real shoes...all. the. wobbles. I was messing around and passing the time with this lunge/pistol combo while Ash was in crossfit and could barely find my balance in these sneakers... felt like i was a little dashboard dancing squatting hula girl 🤣🌸 _

The chilly wind and gloom were worth braving for that little bit of sunshine that ended coming through. I swear I’m like a plant that needs full sun to thrive. Feels like my leaves are wilting with all this overcast winter nonsense. How any of you manage in actual cold climates is beyond me 🤣
#beachday #saturdaytradition #rainorshine

The goal was to try and get each body part to rest on the @pranamat throughout the flow...
Hands, feet, head, back of legs, tops of legs, belly, chest, booty + back. Felt so good to wake everything up piece by piece. ☺️ I use the mat to recharge and reenergize throughout the day, mediate, relieve migraines, as a yoga really helps bring me right into my body for instant connection. Do you flow on it too? Would love to hear how you guys use yours. If you don’t already have one, @pranamat makes a for a pretty sweet holiday gift to give yourself or someone special 🎁
#sponsored #acupressure #yogaeveryday #yogaprop #wellnessjourney

fitting in a few stall bar stretches while @vince_lanz makes me some juice 🌱🙏 ❤️
(He also built these bars)

I read some tweet last night that said something about there being 30 days left of 2018 and i was like woah, and then i was like WOAH because i realized that we literally have less than 30 days till the end of this year and i have so many mixed feelings about it.

If a smoothie is cold i can barely manage a few sips.
If a smoothie thaws for a while i play it’s perfect and i can happily drink the whole thing.
Yep, weird. I know ☺️

Some thoughts rolling around in my head:
•The other day I woke up to a very mean comment about my body. Not the first and I doubt it will be the last but the thing that really bothered me was that it was from a woman. Who didn’t know me and decided to judge me based solely on my body.
•My first reaction was irritation and a what the fuck kinda feeling. The second reaction was almost like pity. I felt bad for this person who must have felt so triggered for whatever reason that she had to stop and be so unkind to a stranger.
•Triggers. They are everywhere. I think its our own personal responsibility to notice when things trigger us and try to understand why. Ill be honest, there are lots of beautiful humans doing amazing things and sometimes those amazing people trigger something in me that makes me feel less than. Is it that persons fault? Absolutely not. Its mine and its my duty to dive deep and see what the fuck is bothering me, its not my duty to call out that person and shame them because of my own insecurities.
•Unfollow people who don’t make you happy. Its so simple. Save the nasty comments, save your time, save your mental health and un follow.
•Body shaming is fucked up. Hating on other good women is fucked up.•
My body is not goals. I don’t want anyone to look at me and think they need to look like this or be this size to be happy, or do yoga or whatever….
•I have been this size my whole life. I’m 5 foot tall, weigh under 100lbs and have always had a thigh gap. With both pregnancies I gained almost 40lbs. And guess what? Still had a thigh gap. Because this is the way my bones are shaped.
•My psa to women: we have to stick together. Instead of looking down at another female for her body, her sexuality, her photos, her clothes, her whatever…maybe choose to see a women living her life doing what she wants and owning it. We don’t have to agree, we don’t even have to like each other, but we do have to respect each other because if we as women cant do it, how can we expect men too? Or the world too? Female power. We can be even more amazing as one big team.
•Second psa and then I’m done rambling: (Cont. in comments 👇)

When it’s 50° + freezing but flip flops are life ⛄️ _

I’ve been pulling this little sequence out when i need a break from my thoughts. Works like a charm. •
extend leg out front
extend leg to side
warrior 3
side pistol squat thing
half moon
side angle, front knee to tri
side plank
wild thing
transition to other side and repeat
(hold each pose and draw out each movement. mine was sped up 5x)

Big waves and even bigger hugs 🌼
Our Saturday tradition is still going strong. We make it here almost every weekend, our friends know the spot and we all meet up with the kids and boards and thankfully one of us usually has a camera out to capture moments likes these.
#framingthis #goodtimes #yogamom 📷 @gypsea_skye

Self hugs + self massage with @pranamat ☺️
One of my favorite props, i use it for little energy boosts, back aches, migraines, meditation, recharging....even flowing on it is fun.
A few of my go to ways to use it:
•stepping on it from seated or standing for a quick energy boost or some extra oomph. If you’re comfortable go for a forward fold or rag doll and let your hands rest on the mat too. •laying down on it to help alleviate body aches The pillow is great for under the lumbar region too. •Laying down + legs up the wall = magic.
•For migraine relief, i like setting it up in bed so i can try and drift off. I like that the mattress helps cushion the mat so it is less intense yet deeply relaxing. The pillow goes under the neck + peppermint oil to the temples. •For help meditating, lay down or sit on it. I have a hard time being still and focusing for too long but the mat makes a huge difference. It helps to anchor me, with an almost instant connection between my breath, body and mind. •Add a different element to practice by trying to incorporate it into a flow or pretend the floor is lava (or spikes lotus buds) and flow around it until you end up laying down for a blissed out savasana.
@pranamat will be 30% off on black friday and makes for a pretty sweet eco friendly gift for yourself or someone special ❤️

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