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mint chocolate chip ice cream. smells like the name snsnsjdnsn. sorry for not being able to restock! i have volleyball and school work ugh.
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rip it’s uncentered babaha. and sorry for being so inactive. if u guys don’t know, i play volleyball and i travel a lot lol. -
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this is a slime you can get when you order the pastel grab bag! it smells sooo good like froot loops and it’s suuuper glossy and thiccc

sweet treats! smells like tutti fruity and a bunch of fruits. -
imma spam ;)

birthday bash! it smells just like a vanilla cake and it’s literally the best scent i own, it smells amazing like to die for! it was a bit sticky in this vid but i fixes it right after! it’s a white glue floam and it’s so so so crunchy! -
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these are he slimes that will be available in the patel grab bag for this restock! they are all thicc and suuuper glossy and they smell excalty like froot loops!

unicorn cereal. omg y’all, she’s so thicc and glossy and she smells so good like cotton candy and blue cotton candy! i love her! you should def snatch her this restock! it will be really soon! -
comment down if ur excited for my restock! and if u haven’t seen what’s on it, check my youtube channel for a restocking video or click the link in my bio! -
if u give me a shoutout i will spam and follow you!❤️❤️

happy meal ;) it’s not scented bc idk what to scent it lol. it’s super glossy and thicc and it’s so nice. i’m currently in atlanta rn for a volleyball tournament. so the restock will be soon! -
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this is a short video i took when i was at washington dc hehehe! it’s obviosly a joke so chill okay ;) -
imma spam ;)

slime from @_slimey.diamond_ omg she has me quaking with her slimesss. they are so nice! -
link in biooo ;)

i love this omg, it’s so creamy, thick and it’s just ahhh and smells just like the name too!
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#slime #talissatossell

mint hot chocolate ajsnbdjdnsnss it’s literally my favorite thing in this world! it’s so thick and glossy and smells amazing and it has the cutest charm and it’s just ughh amazing snsnsjs
link in bio for restocking video!

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