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Gabriela  '13 Yamaha YZF R6 track bike 🏁 '11 BMW S1000rr road bike πŸ’₯ 299design❌6tdeegresβ˜‡EuropeanbikersπŸš€ Youtube πŸ‘‡


Perfect bike 😍

My r6 is broken, my car is also broken so the only one my love Bimmer stays with me πŸ˜‚
Beeing honest, I am little afraid about take this bike also to a ride, because if this one will be broken then I can finish my bike season πŸ˜‚ More expensive in repair than japanese bikes πŸ˜…

Some of you already seen that I crash last weekend at Slovakiaring. Unfortunately it's mostly my fault, I signed in to inters. I just wanted to remind myself about the track so I decided to be in a slower group. This time round for some reason the level in the group was closer to novice than inters - usually 2:35 average time these guys were doing around 3 minutes. The higher group was also quite slow this time as well. I crashed on the first session of the first day, I wanted to overtake a few people, I always do it very carefully out of respect for their bikes and my own of course. On the second lap when they started checking our lap times, I sped up just to be moved up, after the first turn I encountered this guy who was actually really damn slow.. and he was on the right hand side of the circuit so I decided to overtake him on the left, he decided to cut me out on the left though... he basically didn't want to let me through so I went back to be behind him but I lost the front end, I think I gave it too much on the brakes and lost it. I was sliding on the tarmac for a very long time along with my bike which was right behind me and I was terrified that it was going to hit me from the back especially that it's so much heavier than me so it wasn't going to slow down before me! Fortunately nothing happened to me in the end, my bike though... the list is endless ... new fairings, throttle, clip one, also my helmet, gloves and leathers are totally destroyed. I'm not gonna lie I was so upset to be sat down for two days watching others ride and then I got on and it happened so soon. There were a lot of crashes on that event and unfortunately my Polish fellow riders forgot about the rules on track for example stopped on the fucking corner to watch their friend being taken to hospital (!?) I have another trackday booked in the next two weeks but I won't manage to fix the bike until then. Thank you all for all your kind words from my last story, is very heart warming and comforting to see that you guys care 😘

New R1 or new R6 ? πŸ˜„
Still i dont know which one I like more 😍😍
The design is really similar but the lights of r6 are stunning 😻😻 @299design
#yamahar1 #bikergirlsofinstagram #bikersofinstagram #299design #instamotogallery #sportbike

Omg! This bike is awesome !! Today i had an oppprtunity to ride this beautiful r6 and I am still really inpressed!! The design is unusual 😍 Suspension was working perfect!! i think this one brakes better than previous r6 😍 Light and agile 😎 really big thanks @motorlandkrakow for borrow me this bike for few hours 😍😍

I sent my r6 for small service to have ready bike for a next track day πŸ˜† Maybe slovakia ring for 3 weeks ? πŸ˜†

I wonder how this is going to compare to the bimmer πŸ˜†
#yamaha #yamahar1 #299design

A lot of People thought that this bike was a green kawasaki πŸ˜† ! πŸ˜‚
Great meeting on a race track with @lolka_675 πŸ’ͺ❀ ! She is really fast and crazy 😍

Yes Yes i can finally make an elbow down when I see a photographer... but when I dont see I ride like this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Now this is definitely my favourite race track Hungaroring 😍😍😍

Amazing days !! Two times on podium! Second place in the rookie race SSP and the third place in @pirelli cup in SSP class πŸ˜†
Finally my time was 2:04.112 πŸ˜† Next time i have to change my rear sprocket wheel because for this race track is really needed ! Gears are too long ! This sprocket wheel is good for fast race tracks like slovakia ring where i need a speed.
Now I will have a little break, the next track day on a new track Silesia Ring in Poland will be in july.

My first elbow down ever 😍😍😍

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