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🍑gabs🍕  🇲🇰macedonian • 22 🕊team hammer • CPA bikini competitor

offseason 🍑 coming in strooooong and is that a hamstring i see trying to pop out 👀#happysunday #yesterdayspic

Happy fri-YAY! This girl 👆🏼 is excited to hit hammies and 🍑 tonight, but first I have to get through the last few hours of work. 🙃

#tb to when I actually liked to take selfies🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll get back to it, eventually.

learn to stop fighting for people who aren’t afraid of losing you. ✌🏼

a lion doesn’t concern itself over the opinion of sheep. 🦁

the colder it gets the closer my birthday gets 🍂❄️ .
happy saturday✨

new new selfie spot 💁🏻‍♀️

#transformationtuesday delt edition🙌🏼 left: October 2017 - about 2 months into my first cut.
right: September 2018 - about 4 months post show. •
A cut. A diet break. Another cut. A show prep. A rebound. And finding balance. Progress is progress no matter how small. A lot can happen in one year, you just have to stay consistent and work your ass off. Quite a bit happened in between these two pictures.

“be thankful for the hard times in life, you’ll quickly learn who’s there for you and who’s there till it no longer serves them.” - @themindbuilder

just anotha post workout posing video💁🏻‍♀️

kinda missing the diet face🙈

I don’t have time for the talkers. I want to spend time with the doers. ✌🏼#sorrynotsorry

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