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After a wedding weekend full of activities, treats and L A T E bedtimes... I wasn't too shocked (actually kinda was) that our kids slept in until almost N I N E O C L O C K!! I know... right?!?! They obviously needed to catch up on rest. Now that @cassiedemsher and @thehomiehong are married and en route for their honeymoon, it's time for us to hit the road back to Bend for Memorial Day. #ontheroadagain

Psyched on my new digs from @frankandoak for today's wedding... and a big fan of their new Style Plan setup. If you want $30 off your first month, click the link in my profile & sign up today. It's basically like having your own virtual personal shopper who will pick stuff out for you and take back whatever you don't like... no questions asked.

This kid. He's my first. He is me. In all the best... and all the worst ways. It's like looking into a mirror and he certainly makes me want to be a better man.

Girl Power is a bland understatement when it comes to this one. She's passionate, stubborn and all things fierce & funny. It may make the whole parenting thing a bit trickier in the short term but I'm confident this little girl will be more than capable of fending for herself and caring for others when she grows up because of her spicy spirit.

Who's got two thumbs, is Mr. Mom for the weekend, and finds himself incredibly blessed by a rowdy joyful crew of groms?
#thisguy 👍🏻👍🏻

Everyone seemed to like the photo I shared yesterday from Cassie & Zach's engagement, so I thought I'd share a few more. #smithrock

Loved having these kids at our home for the weekend. Plus, our kids love spending time with @cassiedemsher and @insomni_zach Photographing these two at Smith Rock took me back to 10 years ago when @carlierenee and I were newly engaged. Here's to your own adventure Cassie & Zach! #smithrock

View down the end of our street tonight. Can't wait for summer nights & bonfires under that same moon.

One of my favorite things about working remotely is the freedom to break up my daily routine. I almost always start my day with a cup of coffee at home... but after that, it really depends on what I'm in the mood for. Fortunately for me, Bend has an abundance of free WiFi, good coffee and craft beer. Of all the options across town though, @spokenmoto is definitely my go-to. This place has got it all.

Statistically speaking, I trust planes. I know the odds are more likely that I'll choke on my next slice of pizza then die in a giant metal tube plummeting thru the atmosphere. But with the amount of weather and crazy pressure systems during my travels this past week (which included a propeller driven puddle jumper) the stats didn't due much to settle my stomach when the pilot announced "it was going to be a bumpy ride." Oddly enough... the one thing that settled me thru the bumps... listening to the soothing voice of Marie Kondo share best practices for folding and storing one's socks. Here's to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up... and to having both feet on the ground.

There are a bunch of reasons we decided to bring our family to Bend. But I had a couple of selfish reasons... like just-for-me reasons. A D V E N T U R E being at the top of the list. Years ago, I discovered what makes me tick. It can be summed up in 5 words. I am wild at heart. I've got to get outside. I've got to explore. And I'd much rather adventure with friends. On Thursday, after getting hammered with more than four feet of snow in less than a week, I hit the mountain for the first time in five years. And it was good. Thanks Mark, Aaron and Tim for getting me up the hill. Looking forward to more adventures together. #wildatheart #getoutside #welcometobend #bendlife

Getting settled into our new home & new town means it's time to get back into a rhthym with my fitness.  Fortunately, I found an incredible group of people @crossfit_type44 and am back on the barbell (though the 3,500 foot elevation is still taking some getting used to). So much of the reason we moved to Bend was to pursue an active lifestyle full of adventure.  And a lot goes into keeping our bodies in tip top shape to do the things we love.

Fortunately, my wife (and Co-Founder of @citrusandsageoils has me covered for much of my pre & post-workout routine.  I definitely came in a skeptic, when it comes to using essential oils, but after using just a few on a regular basis, I'm a full on convert.  So, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite oils and how I use them.

Copaiba: I roll this one on directly around my knees and to the ligaments on the back of my knee.  Inflamation can be a big deal when working out and lifting weights, especially on my 35 year old knees, and Copaiba before a workout definitely helps keep my most important joints loose.

Panaway: For all my fellow CrossFitters, you know the feeling of not being able to walk down stairs or not being able to straighten your arms, due to muscle soreness after an intense workout.  Rather than being completely immobilized, I'll take som Panaway in the palm of my hand (along w/ some lotion or coconut oil) and rub it into the major muscle groups worked that day.  Panaway is kinda like Icy Hot but SO much better (and better for you). Thieves: A drop on the bottom of my feet or in my gym bag keeps the stank away (stank = official term for that post-workout smell). And yes, you might see that I have cedar shoe trees in my gym shoes.  It may seem excessive, but the shoe trees help keep my shoes dry & in shape so they last longer.  Plus, add a drop of Thieves to the bottom of your shoe trees before you put them in your shoes, and kill any wonky smells before they start.

Not shown are 2 of my other favorites: Peppermint & RC.  I'll put a drop of Peppermint in my water bottle and a couple of drops of RC on my chest on my way out the door.
Here's to staying active!

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