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gabby  Little youtuber who wants to be surrounded in a life full of laughter and sunflowers🌻 •Adventurer 🏕 •In love with my bestfriend💕 ⬇⬇️⬇️

I've never been one to really take pictures of my body and post them but I really want to share my progress with you guys. About a year ago i suffered from kidney problems (basically they weren't functioning properly). I couldn't eat normal foods and ending up losing 15 pounds and ended up only weighing 85. I couldn't eat and barely could leave the house to do anything without being in extreme pain. It took six months and a lot of doctors to finally kick it in the butt. I ended up having to change my diet, eat healthier and regain my weight I lost. I had never really took fitness that seriously, I had mainly done simple at home exercises that you can find off pinterest, but I decided I needed to not only regain my weight but build muscle and strength. I then decided to join a gym and have been going ever since. It took a lot of time, effort and work, but this is the happiest and healthiest I have ever been and I just wanted to share with you all. Happy Friday 😊

Sometimes in life when things get a little hard or crazy, you just have to appreciate the little simple things that are important to you. Mine is music. I havent been able to record in a while, but music is my simple necessity.


Finals? That's funny.

You're my favorite view 💕

Love on Haight 💕

I forever want to be surrounded by music and nature 🍃🌹 photocreds: @chelseasaporita

From throwing snowballs to running across highways to explore cool cliffs and ending the day with double rainbows and banana splits.🍨🌈

Missing these daysss

Throwback to summer, when I was super into photography and pulled over every time I saw sunflowers, so i could pick them and put them in my hair🌻 I'm ready for an adventureee

Sisters take coachellaa 💫

Sam and I went on another adventure yesterday and found a little mushroom patch 🌲🍄😊

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