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GabrielleDubois  Author. Fond of 19th century's composers, authors, painters.

Mistress Mine
Gabrielle Dubois


I'm a very bad swimmer but I like the waves of the ocean when they hit the cliffs.

I would be too afraid to fly with wings, whatever they are, but I like watching the big birds gliding high in the sky.

Climbing​ a mountain would scare me, but I like to admire the high summits.

I wish I was thinner, only when a picture of me is taken, but in fact, I like good meals and I don’t bother!

I wish I was more at ease on social networks, but my mind lives in the 19th century because I love History, the history told by those who lived it. However, I wouldn’t like to live in the past: I would be too afraid to go to the toilet at night, out in a dark courtyard! 😊

I like the color red, the one of strawberries, tomatoes, passion, heart, blood of women for millions of years.

I admire women: they are women, wives, mothers, workers, they harmonize the home and those who live in it. Women are super heroines without super powers! Women are multi-tasking, they know how to listen... but are still so little heard.

I like readers, I’m one of them. Often shown as anachronistic, readers nevertheless belong to a beautiful and great international community, united in the same pleasure of reading, and they show, on all kinds of social networks, that they are able to use modern technologies.

Now, what don’t I  like ? Hurried and partial judgements, houses too tidy... and peas!

What about you, guys? Share with me one or two things you like! 😍


But where have I found such beautiful flowers? In the ditch in front of my house!
Aren't they pretty those weeds?

This ​really happened to me:
One summer, a long time ago, I went to work in a place far from any civilization in the middle of a European forest. A co-worker offered me a walk in the forest, to pick mushrooms. Not enough suspicious, or too naive, I followed him. We only had two hours break. Here we are, walking, and walking, northward, southward...
"Is it a kind of trap?" I ask.
"No", he says.
We take to the right, to the left ...
"Are we lost ?"
"No", he says.
Accelerating the pace, afraid to be late at work, we keep walking towards the east, or the west...
"Wouldn’t we have already taken this path?"
"You know how to recognize a beech from another beech?"
Now we run, right-front, half-turn...
"We are lost ?"
"Yes", he admitts.
I hesitate between laughing, raging, crying or walking, when the noise of some horse's hooves make me turn my head. A horse, big, strong, and beautiful, is trotting behind us, pulling an open carriage, driven by a handsome young man, elegant and distinguished as a chatelain. I wasn’t mistaken about the breed… of the man, my colleague confirms that he’s the owner of the manor of the forest and he moves out of the way to let him pass. On the contrary, I plant in the middle of the path. The chatelain stops and, learning that we’re lost, proposes to bring us back. He apologizes politely for not being able to get us both, my colleague and I, sat on the bench: the carriage is not intended for several passengers. I climb by his side, my colleague is invited to sit behind, on a kind of step.
This is what I call a pleasant walk in the forest. The horse trots, effortlessly, and we arrive on time at work!

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So many bookstagramers already did this journey in the novel Mistress Mine, like @arlenefinnigan @walkingfortheloveofbooks @lunareads @maryevelynls @ajofgreenvalley @bookreveries who left reviews on Goodreads, and I might forget some, and the anonymous readers. Thank you for your support. And I can't wait for @lilus_library @lookbook.litbox to read their reviews about Mistress Mine!
Thank you ladies.

Happy Easter! @mimilly.sweetdonkey and I painted eggs, this week.

Like Louise, Mistress Mine's heroine, you can't play the piano? Nevermind! You can meet the composer by reading the novel!

Mistress Mine by Gabrielle Dubois.

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