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Gabrielle Dakessian  Famous only in the minds of pugs. Poet. Thrill seeker. Sad Clown. 🖤 A little Novak. A little Dangerfield. A little Plath.

Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are. 🖤

It’s easy to get caught up in the culture of complaint and rightfully so with our world and it’s undeniable fires that burn through our hearts. We yell behind our screens and march in order while accepting the challenges that come with goals, money and status. I think there’s something necessary for the peace of human consciousness that is delivered through time spent with nature. I crave the ocean waves where the tide matches the rhythm of my breath. I like the dirt under my nails and the sun kissing my cheeks soothes my restless soul. One must remember that the earth was put here for you, not to beseech you or belittle you, but to grow you. Do not mistake my declaration as an excuse to be idle, even the flowers have to try.

Are you as turned on as I am?

Lost Angeles

I took this photo of my mom and Anthony Bourdain at a book signing when I was still in high school. We watched “No Reservations” like groupies and I read all of his books. I always connected to his raw grit, honesty and dark sense of humor. I once said he like was like the older male former drug addict version of me. Fuck sakes. My mom always had a crush on him, and I can’t deny that I did too. In recent years “Parts Unknown” helped guide me through my travels, especially in Thailand. I drank the blood soup and soaked up the same crooked smiles at hole in the wall bars. Bourdain was a brilliant writer, chef and a man that made me cry like a child when I woke up to this news this morning.

Donate to the people of Guatemala during this time of horrific tragedy. 💔

Some fun shots from the screening of my film “Divine” the other night. 🎬🥂

Adventures in cooking/cocktail hour! I love to host and treat others to dinner. Elegant steakhouse inspired menu’s are my favorite to serve, but I’ve been wanting to do something different. As you can see I added some Thai influenced dishes to my repertoire and purchased an Air Fryer for healthier fried cocktail party food. Here’s what I’ve been making lately: #thewinehasnothingtodowithanythingijustlikedthephoto

First lesson today was a success. Happy to be back at it with a new teacher. #swhwingggg

Humans can’t see the forrest with all the trees in the way, but an elephant can see a soul. #Thailand #tbt

“Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation...”

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