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Gabe🌺  [19] My life through photography.

HBD to my best friend. Adam, the man you were, the man you are and the man you will become, is the man I'm proud of. You constantly strive to grow and I admire that. A man is not an age or what you do with your life but what defines a man is his actions. We've had our ups and down but, look where we are. You've been the best friend I could ever ask for. Always there for me to cheer me up or just simply brighten my day. Your the biggest blessing in my life and for that I'm thankful. I'm thankful for God bringing you into my life when he did to show me what a real man looks like. I love you and then person you are becoming. 20 is just a number, you still have your whole life ahead of you and I just want to encourage you that from this point on your decision and everything you do is your life. It'll get hard and it'll have the best memories in store but you choose your battles. Your so strong Adam, one of the strongest men I know. Your selfless and kind and I hope that as today is your birthday you take time out of your day for yourself. Keep striving to become the man that you want to. Don't give up when it gets hard keep pushing(: keep fighting and moving forward for what life throws at you!I love you and hope you have a great 20th birthday(:

Happy anniversary to the most selfless man I've ever met. There isn't a day go by that I don't think of that hearty laugh, million dollar smile, or even the endless amount of stories you'd tell. Like the one night you decided to go salsa dancing and the woman stepped on foot,You never went back or even just sitting down watching laker games and spending time with family. Anyone that knew my grandpa knew the kind of man he was. There wasn't a heart or soul that he touched that had anything negative to say. They always had such fun, happy stories and memories of such a loving man who would do just about anything for anyone. He had such a big heart and a love that not common to find. Happy 4 years grandpa. I love you bozo and waiting for the day to see you again❤

"She wasn't bored, just restless between adventures". -Atticus

"Find peace and stay there".
-r.h. Sin

"She remembered who she was, and the game changed."

•T O D A Y• i will not stress over the things I cant control.

S N O W • D A Y S❄️ #firsttimeinsnow

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