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🇧🇷Gabriel Fernandes, PT, CMP🇦🇺  Sports and Msk Physiotherapist, working in Australia / Member of 🇦🇺 APA Sport and Msk Group/Membro da SONAFE 🇧🇷

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Go Ron !

Seek physio for guidance and let the exercises begin ! #lowbackpain #exercise #lumbar #sciatica #lowerback #bulgingdisc

@clinicaledge ! Very nice podcast ! Great job as always, Dave ! Avoiding compression and agg factors, as described, apart from that, suggestion is to load as would for an Achilles tendinopathy and hope for the best ! 🤞🏻
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GOOD “module” explaining about Sub Acromial Impingement Syndrome (SIS). By Chris Littlewood
Please, call me rotator cuff related pain.

Remember that! Gait retraining should target pain modification or efficiency enhancement. Most of the modifications could be temporary to allow tissue recovery or adaptation from an injury.
There is no “perfect” or “correct” way of running. Heel strike, fore foot strike, all could be used with different goals. If you run pain free, comfortably, with no Hx of running injuries, there are small cues we could give to enhance performance. If you are injured will would benefit from it. Gait retraining changes how you run to shift load away from injured tissues (tendon, muscle, joint) to allow better recover and load progression and re adaptation. If you have Hx of running or msk injuries, an assessment could point to some important modifications to avoid re injury.
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Again, time to rethink about imaging findings and correlate with clinical presentation. Scans should be used for Differential diagnostic, NOT for Diagnosing.

Not all presentations are the same, people can have more than one factor responsible for their pain, therefore their treatment should be tailored for their needs. But, good information from research help us with a starting point. Check out the podcast ! #tomgoom #runninginjuries #gabrielfernandespt #sportsphysio #running #tendinopathy

Symptom-modification approach
Not all LBP are the same, not all shoulder, knee, neck....
Be specific to your client ! #goRob #mckenzie #exercise #manualtherapy #physio

#Repost @neuroorthobasedapproach ・・・
Back in 1956, a standard treatment approach for low back pain was heat and ultrasound. McKenzie’s patient, Mr. Smith, had been dealing with right-sided low back pain radiating into his leg for three weeks and had been getting the usual treatment without improvement.
One day Robin McKenzie, New Zealand physiotherapist, casually told his client to go into the treatment room and lay face down on the table. McKenzie and the front desk staff had forgotten that the table was inclined. When McKenzie entered the room he was very concerned because Mr. Smith had been laying in this position for 5 minutes. Extension of the spine was once thought to be harmful for the back.
Yet, McKenzie maintained his composure and asked Mr. Smith how he was feeling, to which Mr. Smith replied that he was much better and that his leg pain had gone away!
McKenzie’s discovery that day set in motion his use of client-specific postures and repeated movements for assessment and treatment. We are glad McKenzie made this “mistake” or shall we say “discovery”...
Source 📓:
McKenzie, R. (2011). Treat Your Own Back, 9th edition.

Squats activates the CORE more than “core”exercises! Just exercise ! #keepstudying #core #whatfor #exercise #squat #gabrielfernandespt

Shoulder decompression surgery no better than diagnostic arthroscopy (used as placebo in the research). ⛔️Lets stop with unnecessary surgeries and diagnosing shoulder pain as subacromial impingement syndrome, since clearly there are no compression or source of injury there.
Since we are here, no, cortisone injections won’t make your patient better, stop 🖐🏻 that too, please. 👍🏻 No nocebo talk either, there is nothing pinching, compressive, in your shoulder.

Exercise and progressive loading.

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