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When you see a white cockatoo! 🕊

Australia is simply paradise.

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef ✔️🐠
I found Nemo. And yup, it was amazing. This picture unfortunately doesn't show any of all the marvelous colors, corals and fishes we saw. 🦈🐬🐡🐠🐚🐳

So here we are. Sitting on the edge of the easternmost part of Australia. What an incredible country this is.

Leaving beautiful Sydney for a road trip up the east coast of Australia.

Discovered the Blue Mountains today - AKA the blueish green Grand Canyon of Australia. Gorgeous!

Sydney Opera House ✔️

Only one day's trip away from home, yet I'm in a whole other world. This is a small child. A precious little boy in Kolkata. One of many millions. Sitting on the street, making a living by selling mud that he has rolled into balls.

Christmas. 🖤

🌞Good bye Guatemala 🌞
Hope to see you soon again!

Never a dull moment with Lipe Loco. Great dude! 😎👌🏼 #hechos29

Having a great time at #hechos29 #gochallenge ! Pastor Joakim is preaching and soon we have the honor to get to sing and lead this place before God's throne in worship.
#guatesquad #wheresphilip #livetsordyouthworship

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