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Posting the full work out on my YouTube channel in 5 minutes! Head over to my YouTube : search Gabrielabandy and subscribe to watch🙏🏽🖤
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Good skin day

🖤outfit from @boohoo

Sorry for the lack of workout videos, this week has been a hard week for me. I am very much like a sponge, I hold in things that are bothering me & I seclude myself from people. This sponge was ready to burst this week which is why I’ve decided to do therapy again. The first time was online but this time I will see someone in person which I’m quite nervous about but .. I know that I have to face my problems & let go of fear so tomorrow will be my first session! (Wish me luck)
One of the sucky things about being depressed is that it doesn’t allow you to do the things you normally enjoy doing. For me, that’s to work & work out. So I’ve basically been avoiding as much as I can which has actually not helped me heal but instead made me feel less productive & more anxious.
Anyways! For all those who are doing my challenge, I hope you know that just because you missed a day, or a week, or a month it doesn’t meant you can’t still fix it. You’re on your own journey - with your own struggles & that’s okay. Just know that you do have a community of others who are going through the same thing - or worse- and we are ready for you to get on board whenever you’re ready.🖤
If you ready this whole caption, Thank you.


My boobies got smaller😭😭😭


Ps, y’all never spend your childhood going to the pool? I was just tan chill🤣

Had a blast this week with @boohoo #fitfridays at @crubox 🙅🏽‍♀️
Im wearing their new active wear 🥰

Hi guys🖤
I will be at the @poundfit class tomorrow (Saturday Jan 12 at 8:30am-9:30am) with @forever21 @forever21_losangeles to kick of the launch of their New year, New you collection.
The location is at the American at brand in Glendale, CA
You guys are all free to join, it is first come first serve so get there early!
The class is free of charge just bring your own yoga mat!
Hope to see you there ♥️

New year resolutions + back/abs work out vlog is up on my Youtube♥️ Go watch🤗

Love you♥️

Woah going through my old pictures & this is crazy😭 the left picture was in 2014 - I was partying, barely eating, not working out & I was depressed (even tho I don’t look like it in this pic) I had lost a lot of weight during this time as I was dealing with a break up & as messed up as it sounds, I liked how much weight I was losing so I would purposely not eat. I was weighing 134lbs at 19 years - I can almost remember how sad I was during that time.
Right picture was taken yesterday, I have probably been at this stage of my body for a year now, earlier last year I had lots of muscle so I was a bit thicker overall (you could see it in my face and arms) but later in 2018 I lost some weight and have kept it off so far.
It’s super crazy how our body can change - I think in the beginning I would obsess on making my butt bigger and being slim, but overtime I just wanted to be healthy. And I think when we obsess on a body type, we get impatient and it feels like results don’t ever happen.
I wish I could show you guys the self love you can develop from your own fitness journey, but it’s something that you have to learn on your own. You will discover that it’s never just about the way we look but ALWAYS about the way we feel.♥️
We start our #BetterYou challenge tomorrow, & for those who are doing it I cannot wait till you guys start! I hope that you guys truly take this challenge as a way of becoming a better version of you in all aspects - not just physically.
💪🏽Join the Facebook group “wbgsquad” so you can talk to others who are doing the challenge
💥Purchase your bands at if you haven’t already!
🙏🏽& sign up by following the link in my bio if you would like to join us♥️
#betteryouchallenge #wbgsquad #fitnessmotivation

Back at it again with the gym selfies 😛@wbgsquad
Ya girl had a good leg day but I have a lot to work on -I’m excited to do the #BetterYou challenge myself. I’ve needed something to keep me accountable, I will be posting on our Facebook group “WBGsquad” for the entire 6 weeks so if you’re doing the challenge make sure to join!
Link to challenge is in my bio♥️

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