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Youtube | Gabriela Bandy  🇭🇳Founder of @wbgsquad Fitness & Lifestyle influencer✖️Sharing tips for self love & overall health @nikewomen marathon project🏃🏽‍♀️ Download my app!

13 days away from Chimarathon.
Can’t believe I’m doing this, seriously big thanks to @nike for pushing us hard to do this.
It is week 14 of our training & the theme of the week is “Stay Sharp” a delicate balance of pushing hard and pulling back just enough.
“Remember this, it’s very important: forget the failed workouts, only remember the successes. Seal the good days in your memory and replay them in your mind in these last two weeks. Doubt is the single greatest enemy of a marathoner. Your mind must be strong. We believe in you and so must YOU!
- Coach Blue 🖤

Upper body burn out🔥🔥 @wbgsquad
Shoulders & back - probably my favorite upper body muscles to work on. I hope some of you will give upper body work outs a try! I know we tend to give more love to our lower body, we still need to train and be strong everywhere.
My gym program will teach you how to break down your week, which muscles to work on & when, & the schedule will give them enough time to recover & grow.
I challenge everyone who doesn’t really ever work on upper body to slowly introduce it to their routine, watch how much better your body will perform overall!

To follow my gym program, simply download my app and choose “gym” you will start at Day 1! Link in bio!

Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity🌮

3 months ago, running 20 miles seemed impossible. This morning I proved myself wrong & I couldn’t have done it without @becwilcock , @blue_benadum & the rest of the #NWMP. 2 weeks from now we will face 26.2 miles, & I can finally say I’m ready.
#goingtoneedawheelchairtho #mylegsfeellikenoodles #willieverwalkagainstaytuned

@theskinagency keeping my skin smooth🙈
Brazilian sucks but so worth it😭😭

At first they’ll ask why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask HOW you did it. @wbgsquad
Top from @prettylittlething

I had a conversation with someone dope yesterday that made me realize that, you guys have no idea who I am. And I mean, like really. People know me as a beautiful chick that’s also a boss, total fitness gurú etc. Which is fine, that’s what I show the world so I shouldn’t expect anything else (and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing either, I’m forever grateful.)
But, there is seriously so much to my story, and everything I do has it’s important reason behind it, it’s own story. I wanna share that. I want you guys to really know me, know my struggles, know my whys.
So I’m gonna do just that, every Sunday I’m going to post a video on YouTube & it’s not gonna be the typical tutorial or work out video. It’s going to be sort of like, a series of my life. I’m excited.
Oh, go subscribe guys, channel is Gabrielabandy

Feeling this cut♥️
Lashes by @lashedsisters

Lower body work out🔥🔥🔥
Still sore from this!
Tag a friend & save this so you can do it later!!
15 reps on squats, and everything else for 40 seconds each (4 rounds total) - 2-3 minute rest in between
1️⃣Squats - just getting myself to lifting so I was doing 15, 95lbs (not much but my legs were really sore that day from running)
2️⃣Curtsy lunges using 20lbs
3️⃣ Deaflifts using 30lb kettlebell
4️⃣In & out squat jumps using @wbgsquad resistance bands in medium
5️⃣Hanging knee raises!
For more gym work outs download my Workouts by Gabriela App (link to app is in my bio) 💪🏽🔥

Felt like doing something new😌

Living my best life🙌🏽

Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

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