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Gabriel Uribe  Well if you don't know now you know

It was at this moment that I realized bringing my phone was a terrible idea (Yes I needed a new phone).

"I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was."

I'm 92% sure I was thinking about what I was going to eat next

Well what do you know? I do smile.

Oh look at that, a real winter.

Coolest dinosaur y'all know. #mickeyshalloweenparty

There's a storm coming. Will you survive?

Oh hey you're 18! That means you can go to jail now! Happy birthday Eloisa I hope you enjoy it and make sure to go get yourself some cold cuts while you heely your way into the sunset and remember that I will always hate you. 🐐❤️

"Welcome to Ninja hiya hiya" #nexttimebringatowel #tearswereshed

This is what fear looks like... #Iwasntscaredtho #Gradnite2015

The amount of love I have for this lady can't be put into words and the fact I won't be able to bug her upsets me. I was honored to be stoned to death by her sarcasm and sass. Congrats to all the graduates and go take the world by the horns. #Facebookfriends #MamaDuong #Shaaaaame

You didn't think this peacock would show up alone did you? #Kristinisapeachen #howsyourknife #prom2015

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