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was such a good guy to Chanel (michelle)
'til she caught me sleeping with Charel

she had a face straight out a magazine
God only knows but you’ll never leave her

im proud :")
link to up all night in my bio
- -
for the visuals - -
i also sound like a constipated trumpet

hi, i miss u sm love u

HAHAHAHA hi i miss u and i love u and ure cute 😚 @michellefam

why the fuck do people think its okay for them to want to end their lives, there are many out there with a limited amount of time left to live but not wanting to leave, and we have people not appreciating the life that is given to them. im fucking annoyed at our corrupted and fucked up society, im hate the mentality the youths nowadays have implanted in their minds.
big things be coming to all you people who can't see the wrongs in the world now, wait on us @unknownradicals

cousin tings

i got a picture with YUNG$AINTG!!! big fan man, but one hand can never complete a clan.

you're the only one that is willing to give everything in the world to me and im thankful to have you. see you when you're back babe, take care and i love you

im a nuisance to society, but i dont live life with my head in my ass and wnabe like the rest. suck my ass cunts the dumbass in me will do change okay goodnight

made it on tv again

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