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Gabriel DeSanti  I'm gonna be a professional fun haver. 📍New York City 🖥 📫 I make YouTube videos too↴

We're all on our own path trying to find what we love most. For me that's being happy and being able to walk away with a story worth telling, not something mundane.
These past few years have been the most incredible years of my life, I'm truly the happiest I've ever been. But it's not about the traveling or 'quitting my job', I think that part is often confused. It stems from following something that I was deeply passionate about and giving it the opportunity to see the light of day. While at the surface as a photographer I document, create and share pretty pictures it's really much deeper than that. At the core it's about inspiring you to find what makes you tick. You know, that one thing you can't get off your mind while you're sitting in class, or while driving in the car, or while laying in bed at night.
So I want to start the conversation. What do you do it for??? I would love to hear what you're working towards, the dreams you haven't shared with anyone, or maybe even the reason you haven't gone for it yet. I want this to be a community where you don't have to be afraid of judgements, or sharing your dreams, or fuck it even sharing your failures because we know that's part of the process too. Leave your thoughts down below ⬇️⬇️⬇️. P.S if you made it this far, you're rad and I appreciate you ❤️.

Hundreds of feet above the most incredible beach I've ever stepped foot on. I can't believe we had this magical location all to ourselves for hours!

NEW VIDEO OUT NOW - 'A Voicemail from Bali'. Link to the full video is in my Bio and it would mean the world to me if you check it out ❤️

How do I describe a moment that left me speechless? This was my second time being one-on-one with these incredible animals in Bali and it's one of the most memorable moments of my life. Thank you @elephantsbali for letting us spend time with these gentle Giants ❤️

Waking up at 5am and driving an hour and a half to catch perfect lighting at my favorite temple in Northern Bali. I can't lie it gets SO COLD on these sunrise drives, especially once you get into the mountains. That's definitely something we weren't prepared for but totally worth it!

Bali Baby

You're never going to know when the world's best moments are going to appear before your eyes. Be ready with whatever you have accessible to you to capture those moments. This is one of my most asked questions in the DM, "what do you shoot with?". People often feel discouraged after because they may not be able to afford gear with high price tags, at least at the start. This is for anyone who has a passion for photography but thinks you need a five thousand dollar camera to capture incredible moments, for anyone who is pushing everyday with the resources they have, and especially for all those people who have told me all they have is a cell phone to take pictures with. Taken on @googlepixel 3XL. No fancy setup, no expensive kit. Just an eye for what I wanted and my phone in my hand. #TeamPixel

One man can change the world. Will it be you?

First week in Thailand roaming around Bangkok has been epic! China Town was definitely my favorite part. Such a proper China Town vibe in every way, not sure if it could get any more authentic. New video just went live, Day in a life in Bangkok. You can see a little behind the scenes of me snapping this shot too 😉

I'm officially back in asia and immediately feeling extremely inspired to create! What are some things you would all love to see more of?

From my favorite moments above NYC. I may be gone but I'll be back again in a few months. Asia here I come ❤️

First adventure of the year was already epic! @east.age and I envisioned this shot as soon as we saw the falls and we nailed it.
Second Pic taken on @googlepixel #TeamPixel

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