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Gabby Barton

Mid laugh

Like how a cat lady loves her cats or a horse girl for her horses, but me for these tomatillos 😍

First pick. Whoa baby!

Perfect little bean.

Process work. 🥄

My Etsy is now beautiful and in business. It may be small and have a lot of older work, but it's honest and good. I'm proud of it. Here's to good things and striving for better! Link in bio. PC: @npaino3 😘 thanks for liking what I like cause I like it.

You must carry madam Zeroni up the mountain and sing while I drink so that I get strong too.

Throw a bowl. It falls. Throw a mug. I break it. Make a cup. It's ugly. I've been trying to be joyful with "humdrumness" while also doing my best to push myself in something I really love and feeling like I'm falling short on both sides. Believe it or not, a melting pointy stick thing indicating that the kiln fired well at 6am has pushed me to continue striving for both things. There's a bigger picture. Life is ultimately good.

OOOoooo! -childish Gabby, pc: @alyssa_wigget_25

You reap what you sew. Cute ceramics and foot long green beans 🌱

Excited about this whole Rome thing

"Watch your step. These stairs aren't up to code" -Nick

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