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Gabotch |  What are you looking at?

@paulinabemu Ufff a very complicated question, I have a strong attachment for #SciFi novels. One of them is #TheBicentennialMan by #IsaacAsimov the story of a family that bought a particular robot who own some skills like creativity and enjoy life that should not be in any model because they are only machines. The family start to sell pieces of art that the robot built and all that money are used in body upgrades to stay in shape without affect the brain.

The second one is #AncillaryJustice by #AnnLeckie another sci-fi #novel about is a space opera set thousands of years in the future, where the primary galactic power of human-occupied planets is the expansionist empire. The empire uses AIs to control human bodies "ancillaries& #34; that are used as soldiers, though regular humans also are soldiers do not distinguish people by gender.

They are many more I could list but this 2 are enough. What are your favorite book?


When I realized it that I'll be with you .
Until the end of my dreams. @paulinabemu

I hear a sound, a sound above my head, distant sound of thunder, moving out on the moor...

I dig my toes into the sand...

To hell we ride...

How i wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year...

So tell me why you listen
When nobody's talking...

The taste of ink

World without words

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