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Calisthenics | Yoga | Movement  VP of @Thenx Content 📧 - Online/Personal Training 📧 - 📍Miami, Fl ⬇️DOWNLOAD THENX APP 📲IOS⬇️

Choose a form of exercise that feels like playing. 💪🏼😄 #Thenx

Only through pain can we achieve greatness. 🔥 New Fat burning video with my brother @chrisheria 🔥
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The higher you go, the more you realize how pointless it is trying to be better than others. Hopefully.
📸 By: @mkbruix
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Playing around. 👾
On three boxes. 📦
Upside down. 👽

Your darkest moments will eventually lead you to the most amazing days of your life. 🔲
By: @y_d_m_photo

What you do today matters more than you think. ▫️▪️
By: @y_d_m_photo

Remind yourself of who you are every time the world tells you who you should be. ▫️▪️
Had such an amazing time shooting this with my talented brother! @y_d_m_photo Arguably one of the weirdest and funnest thing I've done! 😄 More to come :)

Do something out of your confort zone every single day like your life depends on it, because it does.
🏃🏽Pants by: @aloyoga
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Hold on to those who bring the best out of you. #BFAM ✊🏼✊🏼 @dieg0silva

Whatever you do, make sure it sets your soul on fire. 🔥
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Its not about the wave you pick but about the way you ride it. 😉🌊

Hang in there. If you cannot go a minute without thinking about it, its worth every second of pain.
📷by: @stefan_heria
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