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Gabriela Bacalao  Insane feminist with a free soul 🍍🍃 and •TroubleMaker🤘🏻• [email protected]

"Una semana antes del paraíso" mi amigo @felixlara acaba de sacar un nuevo álbum @laraproject que si les gusta la música cool, like me deberían dejar de perder su tiempo y escucharlo 👅👌🏻btw I was quite drunk in this picture lol🗣☄️

Mmm it always seems you got something on your mind other than me🗣girrrrrrl u got to change your crazy hear me? -Aerosmith☑️-

Double trouble⚠️❗️❗️ do NOT staaaaap okay? @carlisth 🚯🌈 #recuerdosconfusos #cuandofuelafoto?

HAPPY BDAY!!!! My princess😍❤🎉🎉 muero por estar contigo, así que disfruta je t'aime mon petit bb🙆🏼❤ mis mejores deseos hoy y siempre te amo!! @angeladazevedo

I don't know about u but I'm feeling.. 17!!! Lol!! Getting old affff 23 bitches! Thanks to all my friends for your bday wishes love u all guys !!! ❤🥂👅 I hope everyone is doing good!!! .. there's only one thing I'm sure about tonight ... and it is..... that I'll be quite drunk lol👅👅👅👅🖕🏿 #foreveryoung

Bday spam❗️🚭 happy bday to me!!👅 hopefully I won't get in jail today, let's seeee🤔🌈

So lets be crear 23 never ever felt so 17!!! Happy bday to me !!! 🌈🌈🎉👅 its Britney bitch !🤧🤧🎃

Double trouble 🚨🥂 #game2strong @carlisth 🍏👅

But darling, I don't give a damn🖖🏽📵🌪

The diary of a blonde @alesaxobeat coming soon lol 🤔🌡🌪

Hells is empty all the demons are here..... Lol reunited never feels so gooooood👅👅👅🍒 @dannyangelor #tarry town #ineedyouuuurlove ⚡️⚡️🌬

Idk what we really love .... Art or free drinks?.. Lol love u so much!!! @jimmykalman