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✂️✨Magic Haircut✨✂️

It’s official! As of today, I start work as part of the amazing @prevailboxing team. After three years of taking classes from the best, I finally get to stand among them. Come catch me on the mitts Wednesday morning and Sunday afternoon. 💥🥊 #howiprevail

After the @quickandfunnymusicals Chris Pratt show, I look more hipster than I’ve ever looked in my entire life. How did he pull off this facial hair?? #quickandfunnymusicals #chrispratt #facialhair

Every year, I make a birthday song for my younger brother celebrating his new year of age. Well, his 23rd birthday was Thursday and this is what he got. This one goes out to all those 23-year olds out there.
Be sure to swipe ➡️ for all the examples.
#birthdaysong #23 #happybirthday #brothers #thisonehurts

I’ve been driving this Cadillac for the last month. Today my rental is up. Goodbye, Cadillac. I will like, literally never drive a car like you ever again.
#CadILack #IDontGetCars #ButThisCarRules
📸: @katiemichalpullen

Today marks two years with this lady, and every day it just keeps getting better and better. I will never have enough words to describe you, and you wouldn’t want me to put them on social media anyway. So, in short, you’re my person and I love you. Happy anniversary @itsholliman!

What with the Oscars coming up soon, I felt like making a quick Shallow parody from the perspective of Bradley Cooper. Enjoy. .
#parody #shallow #bradleycooper #longhair #oscarworthy

Things in this show:
1. A hot new dance craze. 🕺🕺
2. Super helpful life hacks. ⏱💰
3. Proper “ghosting” technique. 👻

You don’t want to miss this one. See you Wednesday night!

Made a new friend on set today. Note to everyone: every set should have a dog. #puppy #dogsofinstagram #sitlife

Did I get a new phone today and then immediately check to see what this whole “portrait mode” thing was about? Obviously. #thisiswhatialwayslooklike #nofilter #literallynotanyfilter #ipromise

Today is this incredible woman’s birthday. And if there’s anything she loves more than focused attention, it’s public focused attention. So please shower her with 100000 birthday wishes, and let everyone you know know how much you love her. Happy birthday, you angel human. I love you.

Improvising in 2006 v. 2017. It’s taken over 10 years, but I’ve gotten to the place where my arms are mostly separate. #agingchallenge #agingprovfully

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