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On this day.... FB post 4yrs ago..😇. #heavengainedanangel #Gabriel #gabe #gabeimabarber #gabethebarber #FBPost

#Repost @themagnifico_ with "What'z Up My Gguyy!!" He'd say followed by a big high 5 and a Hug! Every time I came in to the Shop. Words cannot explain brother, how saddened I am that you're no longer with us. Miss you broski.You will forever be missed #myguy and never forgotten! The memories and all the good times and shenanigans we shared will stay in my heart. You are now in a better place! Everyone will be looking fresh up there, thanks to you. #bestbarber May You Rest In Peace!!! @gabeimabarber #mañiacs #mañiaco #gabethebarber #RIP #DGAF #goodtimes #haircut #barbeer #anaheim

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No more combover!!!! Flattop coming soon!! Follow my friend who has been cutting my hair for over 10 years. He's the reason why I became a barber...changed my life!! Love u papa @miguelitoo45

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The pain will never go away... Words can't express how much I miss you. I heard this song today, a song I've heard 1000s of times but now, the meaning is so much different. People, love your peeps NOW. Tomorrow is promised to NO ONE! Life is too short! #iwish #brothers #eternity #stillcantbelieveit #missyou

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#insparation #barberfamily 💈💙 Enjoying a nice bottle of wine @saarloosandsons 5 Year Anniversary given to me by my client Trevor!! I want to thank all my family that supports me on a daily basis. I don't call you clients because If anyone knows me I treat people as family. Barbering has changed my life more then I could have ever imagined!!! I love you guys and hope that you acknowledge how much you mean to me. When I started in this business I had nothing. One car, broke, lost everything, no drivers license, on probation, etc. I've hustled everyday to get where I am. Thank you for those important people who never doubted me and have supported me since day 1 you know who you are. So blessed right now.

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Thank you for all this amazing support from our baseball and football family.. My boys are truly blessed with all the beautiful love the boys and I have. Thank you for honoring the heart of our family and our love. 💙😇😔#mylove #MissingDaddy #Luevano #uplandNational #uplandHurricanes #uplandjaaf @uplandjaaf ⚾️🏈💙 Both leagues are wearing a special remembrance of @gabeimabarber barber decal and ribbon with barber shears... 😔😊

Those of who knew my husband .... You Will remember his laugh. I can just picture him laughing when I hear it, and I can't help but replay it over and over to make me smile in a bitter sweet way. I will always love you.
#gabeimabarber #gabethebarber #repost #thatlaughtho #alwayslaughing #myangel 😇😔remembering my love. @lovedby4
mariachi wars with the mayor.

Undercut✅ Apron ✅ Tattoos✅ Stereotypical barber ✅ damn u swaggy barbers!!! #barber #barberswag

Bossman killed it tonight!!! Thank you Shaheen for giving a punk kid from Ontario a shot!! You have changed my life!! You son of a bitch!! #barbeer #thelab #shaheen

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