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Soaking. Up. Summer.
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It's always August. August is the month when, as much as I try to live in the present, I can't keep my mind from drifting towards snowier places. Towards higher ground. Towards exploration. Towards the bite of cold on my cheeks. Towards effortless dancing down, down through trees and rocks, to the bottom, where I rejoice with friends in our incredible good fortune. Alas, for now, I will soak up everything August has to offer...
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spending time with my son + kiteboarding together = total and complete happiness. I couldn't be more proud of my little guy for loving this beautiful sport with me, even though he ends up with sore quads for a day or two. Can't wait to get him on his own kite!
#sonyalpha #sonyactioncam #kiteboarding #liquidforce #clifbar #runatribe

I'm not sure I have ever been surrounded by so many creative people, as this week's @sonyalpha Kando gathering. This image is the brainchild of @asenseofhuber who's style is truly one-of-a-kind... not an easy feat in today's pool of photography talent. I'm honored to be the subject in his photo here of the mind-bending new @sony a9.

Keepin it klassy.
#sonyalpha #sonykandotrip

More Cali shoes.
#sonyalpha #sonykandotrip

Sony a9 folks. Sony a9. Pre-ordered one yesterday and could not be more stoked!
#sonyalpha #sonykandotrip

Ba-bye Canon and Nikon. Got to shoot with the new Sony a9 yesterday and to say it is unlike any other camera, is a massive understatement. Totally blew my noodle!
#sonyalpha #sonykandotrip

Is it fair we can create a black and white image with the click of a button?
#sonyalpha #clifbar #runatribe #skiing #iceland

@carolinewaregeorge always lookin up in #iceland... even after severely spraining her leg a few days after this photo was shot. Love my #sonyalpha a6500 for the light and fast missions, but CAN'T WAIT for the new, full-frame a9 this month... 20 frames per second!!!

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