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@kehlani my sister and I love honey!!!

@Davidsharpsounds and I had a great talk, go follow him on instagram,Facebook and YouTube!

So today I was going to work and I saw a man sitting on a bench with half his sock off, he looked homeless and drunk at Miranda while I was going to work, the man asked me to put his sock back on and i that it will only take a few seconds and I thought it weird that he only asked me and that his sock was off, so I said "no, sorry." to which he replied with calling me names and telling me to go fck myself, I stood stunned in complete silence and fear, thinking that I am the single most horrible human being on earth until a hand intetrrupted my daze with a tap on the shoulder and said "come with me." followed by "don't worry about what people like that man says to you, for they have lost most of what they love, they practically have nothing." and then left. I was amazed that a complete stranger that I had never met, came up to me to try and cheer me up, i know it wasn't much but it meant the world that someone saw another human being standing in front of a man yelling and calling names and made their day better. I wanna say thankyou to this person for making the world a better place.

Pizza making squad #redballon #pizzaforthewin🍕

Dance like nobody's watching 🕺🕺:)

Great night! Happy birthday katie, my fergalicious freind

Throwbacks to before we entered the panic room and went through the haunted houses at the eastershow

@pinchofyum #pinchofyum this was amazing!!! Baked mac and cheese but instead of gruyere we used Gorgonzola... delicious! #ilovefood

Me and Mum at dinner :)

Great day with the squad

Ricotta and strawberry tart!!! Yummm!!!

@hannah.goerges I'm gonna miss you so much... so will our 1mil kids and our car (Ollie Sykes) the next 7 months is gonna be pretty weird without the school squad complete, love ya xoxo...

Ohsbahasbshsn sjhdbbejej COLDPLAY!!! #coldplayconcert #coldplay #coldplaysydney #coldplay2016 #music #kawaii

Goodbye Miguel... have a nice time in the Phillipines we will miss you :) cya in 3 months @miguel.co.uk

B'day dinner!!! Lets gooo 🎊🎊🎉🎉

Our child @tia.obrien_

Best bisssh

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