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This what God feels like

FAVE they don't know how much I love you. When we first met I was like who the hell does this girl think she is. But after our first time actually getting to know each other I realized how much of a beautiful individual you are. You are literally the love of my life. My first fave. I can talk to you about anything, I've never met anyone so open minded, so eclectic, and so resilient as you. I can't wait to see who you become over the next year. Continue to make me proud.

My peanut butter chocolate cake with kool aid

You wanted this shit from day one and now you got it. Congratulations Rosie,✨ 💛✨

Never met anyone so deserving that epitomizes everything it means to be an alpha man. I'm so proud of you Nile, I love you so much #7 ✨💛✨

‪Iaintneverhadnobodyshowme allthethingsthatyoudoneshowedmeAndthespecialwayIfeelwhenyouholdmeWegonalwaysbetogetherbaby‬

Important information about what victims of human trafficking look like. These girls are hidden in plain sight and are helpless. If you see anything suspicious please speak up. Don't be afraid to ask someone if they need help but please be safe and avoid any possible dangers at the same time.
Shoutout to @jessic_nt for putting this on the TL

So I'm back from Flint, and my mom picked me up to get breakfast at iHop. I went to take a sip of my water then jumped back after realizing it was tap. I had to remind myself that I'm in Maryland, not Michigan. Still hard to wrap my head around the way life is in Flint. We all should take time to be grateful for the little things in life while recognizing our privilege.

Yesterday we received a visit from Little Miss Flint she's so competitive and energetic lol & she had a 3-0 winning streak in air hockey

As I'm writing this post I am literally holding back tears. An administrator came up to me after watching me aid a music class and the first thing she said was "Sometimes I ask myself is it the lead? Is that why they act like this?" She went on to tell me that she's been at this school for nineteen years and she's never seen children act like this. These kids are loving, curious, ambitious, and most importantly they all have their own unique personality. But so many of them have learning disabilities, anger issues, attention spans that are almost non existent. And it's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking to know a whole generation will grow up with the effects of lead poisoning. You start to wonder what will happen to their children. How are they going to afford their treatment if 60% of the community lives under the poverty line. How will they succeed if they can't even pay attention in school because of forces that are bigger than them. Bigger than they can even fathom. After this week I'm going to back to my life in DC and will have to hear people complain about how the Ph of the water is changing their hair texture. I'll have to go back and listen to people who are completely unaware of their privilege and only know the extent of other crises because of Washington Post article. Most importantly I'll have to go back knowing that my week long presence will barely alter these children's lives.

Okay let me tell y'all about this little girl. Amiya is one of the smartest kids I've met here but because of how she looks most people don't give her a chance to show how intelligent she is. We talked about history for her entire lunch period. I was so touched because when I her age I use to get bullied and called the human calculator. She's so sweet and I'm so happy I got the opportunity to get to know her.

Update: Amiya was in a car accident when she was little. She has a few memories of what happened but she knows that it's the cause for her scars.

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