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Gabby🔫Gunz  I'm Gabby Renee' and I'm 24 I love anime but I love Korean dramas more! I take pictures of all kinds Random,fun,and food alot of the times

Had a lovely morning sitting outside and eating @bellekitchenokc donuts before work. ❤️🍩
#donut #donuts #sprinkles #bakery #bellekitchen #morning #food #breakfast

Went to #metrodinerokc yesterday with @kristinabenton19
The food was super good and not as greasy as what you would think would come from a diner. Their mashed potatoes were some of the best I’ve tried and they have something called strawberry butter which literally tasted like strawberries and cream!!! 🤤😍
Definitely want to come back for some more dishes.
Stay tuned for next week!
#dinerfood #diner #friedchicken #squash #mashedpotatoesandgravy #biscuit #strawberrybutter #food #foodie #foodporn #foodstagram

Walked in and got a @bellekitchenokc brownie before work! 😋 So good! I was surprised that it had caramel mixed in too. 🤩
#bellekitchen #caramel #brownie #bakery #sweets #desserts #localbusiness #local

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th EVERYONE!!!! Isn’t it glorious?!?! So far I spent my morning playing with exotic animals with my friend Julia. ❤️It’s been a good day. 😊
This is honestly just a selfie from yesterday before work and I was just feeling myself. Been running around with my head cut off. 😂

Had a lovely dinner date with one of my favorite humans on Earth @kristinabenton19 ! ❤️ she’s always up to try new places with me and today we ate at Bulgogi Korean Bistro in Edmond and obvi had to stop by @coldstone after!
Bulgogi was soooo delicious and fresh but just know around dinner time, two people can basically share one dish. ITS ALOT! I had the bulgogi and my friend had the veggie bibimbap. 😋
#bulgogi #korean #koreanfood #bibimbap #kimchi #rice #asian #asianfood #localbusiness

For anyone who doesn’t know, I changed my hair! 😁
I had the pleasure of being one of my best friend’s clients, Miss @mkmhairdesign ❤️
She’s grown so much! Not only in her hair journey but in her personal journey as well. Soon she will be a graduate and knock the socks off in the hair world! I’m so proud of her and to call her my bff is the greatest privilege.
Fight for your dream and nothing can stop you!!! ❤️ I love you.
As you can see I couldn’t decide on a picture because there’s just so much dimension and different coloring to my hair!
#mkmhairdesign #hair #hairstylist #coloradohairstylist #rosegold #rose #mauve #blonde #brunette #rosegoldhair #coloredhair #artist

Here’s to a great day with @kristinabenton19
Every week it’s something new and honestly, I couldn’t imagine not doing this. I’m just like, “what did we do with our lives before??!” NOTHING!!!
I’m glad to have a friend like you to help me venture out and try new things together. ❤️
We hang out waaaaayyy more than when we worked together. 😂😂😂
And...I totally photoshopped the last pic because there was no one around to take a pic of us together. Lmao 🤣
#friends #adventures #fun #plazadistrict #paseodistrict #art

Welcome to our like 6th week of trying new places! Today we visited @picassocafe and @piejunkieokc .
Not so new but fairly new to us (except Pie Junkie 😄). Sorry that my pics aren’t too great this time. The lighting was a little bit dim.
(Pic 1) Is the Trio! Herbed flat bread served with a spinach dip, pistachio lime hummus, and tapenade. Honestly the herbed flat bread by itself was worth it. 😂 It was soooo good, it was like an olive oil and herbed pizza. Everything else was smooth and creamy! Perfect to dip and go on top!
(Pic 2) The Fried Chicken Portobello! I absolutely died for this one because I am obsessed with mushrooms!!! First off, ITS HUGE!!! I did not expect it to be practically the size of my hand. Secondly, mushrooms retain heat very well and so the mushroom stayed hot throughout the whole meal! ❤️ While this is still a heavier dish, it did not hold a ton of breading which I love! I did end up taking half of it home which I wish the gravy was on the side but now I know to ask next time! 😊
Over all it was delicious and came with a side of fries and crispy fresh veggies that really helped balance.
(Pic 3) This was a pecan pie at Pie Junkie! This pecan pie was big as well. Lol Way bigger than I thought. This is just a classic slice with a hint of Mexican vanilla to kick it up a notch. Overall you can’t really go to wrong with pecan but I will say, and if you know me this is surprising, that my favorite from them I think is still the Drunken Turtle or the French Silk. 😋
I’ve never chosen other pies over pecan but I have to say there’s something different about those two flavors. 😍
What really made the pie though....was the whipped cream that you can add on it! The whipped cream was literally INSANE!!! Even my homemade whipped cream doesn’t taste this good! I have no idea what they do to it! It’s thick but silky....🤤 I have no words...
#picassocafe #picassocafeokc #piejunkie #piejunkieokc #flatbread #hummus #spinachdip #tapenade #portobello #friedportobello #frenchfries #fries #veggies #pecan #pecanpie #whippedcream #food

Thank you guys for last night it was so much fun celebrating pride with you! 😊❤️
#pride #pridemonth

Had an awesome weekend/brunch date with my bestie at @syrup_breakfast
It was literally the most perfect rainy semi-lazy day! ❤️ (Pic 1) Red Pepper & Smoked Gouda Soup + grilled chicken! This soup was amazingly light and filling with a creamy texture and smokey flavor. Honestly though, the bread might have been the best part because IT WAS SOOO GOOD. It was the perfect texture! Lightly crispy and slightly nutty? I’m not sure, it’s an experience to try yourself but I’ve never had bread like it.
(Pic 2) This was @ascheeii meal. The Sriracha & Honey Chicken. This will give you both sweet and savory. Very flavorful but a bit on the spicy side so if you love sriracha like she does then you’ll LOVE this!
(Pic 3) HOT CHOCOLATE!!! ❤️❤️
This hot chocolate actually reminded me a little bit of my childhood. It was very creamy with a little bit of froth at the top. I swear it had a dash of cinnamon in it but it might be only enough that cinnamon lovers could tell.
#syrupbreakfast #syrup #breakfast #brunch #redpepper #smokedgouda #chicken #toast #waffles #sriracha #hotchocolate #food #foodporn #foodie #foodstagram

The adventures continue to look for new places to eat in the city!!! 😍😍😍
(Pic 1) Today @kristinabenton19 and I tried @okiepokieokc and it was literally SO BOMB!!! Super fresh, super filling, and super flavorful! If you have never tried poke than you should really give it a try. They have vegetarian options too! :) This is the Cowboy Poke.
(Pics 2&3) Then across the way we went to @cuppiesandjoe where they honestly have the best thing called a frozen coffee and it’s waaaaay better than a frappuccino. ❤️ It’s super creamy and sweet but not too sweet, it still has the coffee flavor in there.
Kristina got a Chai Latte with a chocolate chip cookie and I got a frozen mocha with a Boom Boom Pow cupcake! (Why is there not a cupcake emoji?!?!?) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TODAY! I HAD THE BEST TIME. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
#okiepokie #okiepokieokc #poke #shrimp #cucumber #rice #onions #crab #cuppiesandjoe #cupcakes #coffee #chai #cookies #chocolatechipcookies #food #local #localbusiness

Had lunch with @kristinabenton19 at @yokochisholm
So delicious and fun!!! If you haven’t gone yet, I’d definitely try it out! Just be prepared for a TON of choices. Especially their sushi menu. 🍣🥟🍲
Pic 1.) pork gyoza
Pic 2.) pork ramen
Pic 3.) This was at Ganache but isn’t my friend cute? 😊
#yokozuna #gyoza #ramen #pork #asianfusion #food #lunch

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