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Gabrielle DeVita  •Plant Based(vegan)🌱 •Nerd/ future doc👩🏻‍🔬👩🏻‍⚕️ •Passion for health/ fitness💪🏼 •Faith Centered🙏🏼 •USF🤘🏼

“This is not a happy birthday.” Ciara said this as we stood at the mausoleum of her father when we should be eating cake and singing to him on what would be his 52nd birthday. Instead of celebrating this day with Uncle Johnny we remember him because a drunk driver selfishly got behind the wheel and took his life almost two years ago. A happy birthday to your beautiful soul in heaven❤️ we love you; “Your absence is always present” ~Nona

I know I may post about my sister a lot, but I am honestly just enamored by her. This girl right here is the most incredible, brave, and beautiful individual I’ve ever met. Most girls her age are worried about what party they’ll be invited to or what shoes to buy but my sister had basically had everything taken from her- she has been faced with the most difficult obstacles of life- and yet she attends church every Sunday, she works so hard in school to achieve her goals, spends her extra time volunteering with individuals with special needs, and she does it all with a positive attitude. I am beyond proud to have you in my life and call you my sister Ciara. I love you a latte😜😘😉 I definitely want to be (and look) like you when I grow up shister p.s. thanks for being my best friend

I challenge all of you to a #meatlessmonday 🌱
Nothing’s better than a plate full of veggies and a variety of color
🥑🍠🌶🍆🍅🌽🥦🥕 #vegan #health #plantbased #plantpower #eattherainbow •and if you’re located in Cali’s Bay Area... get your groceries from @mylkguys you won’t regret it!! 100% vegan online grocery store; what could be better than that?!?

You have no idea how brave and strong you are Ciara; you inspire me daily and I love you more than you know

Now this may seem quite strange, but I have an abnormal love for grocery stores... but you know what I love even more- browsing the grocery store online from my own home! The new and expanding @mylkguys online VEGAN grocery (only one!!) store is a must and I encourage you to check it out! I know if I lived closer I’d be browsing every day- could be dangerous; but I am so proud to be an influencer for this company!! Here’s a little bit more info about this unique store...
Mylk Guys is Bay Area's ONLY 100% vegan grocery store, with the LARGEST selection of vegan products and 0% of the effort from you. Get your favorites vegan cheeses, croissants, prepared meals, and more, all in one place. We are committed to making vegan eating easier for everyone, and we believe it begins with access! That’s why we work to cut down the number of different stores you have to stop at and the time it takes to read label after label just for you to get a vegan product. Lettuce save the world one meal at a time.
#vegan #mylkguys #plantbased #veganlife

This is probably the most difficult yet real thing I’ve ever posted. I feel quite vulnerable but this is deeper than appearance and feelings this is my reality and truth. School season is almost upon us so I want to share these pictures, this story, with all of you so you know I’m not a superficial filtered robot, and I think it’s relatable to many individuals. These two pictures were taken on THE SAME DAY. On the outside I was trying so hard to cover all of my stress and anxiety that was gradually over taking me. 2018 spring semester was a tough one and boy did I learn a lot about myself and a couple things I thought I’d share that would help with your own troubles:
1. “Give it to God” (mom)
2. Perfection isn’t attainable
3. Just try your best and know that you did and be proud no matter the outcome
4. “What’s the point of worrying, where is it going to get you?” (Steven)
5. Don’t hold all your emotions inside- talk to someone (literally anyone)
6. Crying is okay
7. Tone it down with the makeup... But on the real, I hurt myself internally by causing myself so much anxiety and stress about things that are not in my control!! God has a plan for me and my faith brought me out of this state of fear and into a stronger relationship with Christ. I will not allow myself to go through this again and I hope and pray that you can find a way to overcome your worries/ fears. I’m not saying I’m an expert, I’m still learning and I would love any advice, I’m just putting it out there that you aren’t alone! Also shout out to @narsissist foundation for covering up my crusty situation, nothing wrong with wearing makeup to boost your confidence!
#faithoverfear #nothingiholdonto #Godisgood

Notorious for ruining vacations

Shister lovin’

@ohsheglows •Nice and Naughty Vegan enchilada casserole (will post recipe if requested) •Made by chef Gabrielle and sou chef Ciara

#vegan #plantbased #ohsheglows #plantbasedpower #veganrecipes #fit #fitness

Cheers to 1k orange theory studios opening and being basic🤷🏻‍♀️🎉

From finish to start😜- vegan pasta! Being fully Italian, I would be a disgrace if I couldn’t whip up an easy vegan pasta dish. This dish is quick, budget-friendly, and boyfriend approved! I’ve included all the ingredients necessary and was inspired by @ohsheglows 10 min pasta but I added my own flare such as the chick pea pasta (@eatbanza - either the shells or fusilli) and for additional protein and texture I added the holy grail - @beyondmeat meatless crumbles! When it comes to cooking I love to experiment so I don’t exactly measure everything out but I’ll include estimates below! ~ingredients •1 box pasta (of your choice) •2 cups marinara sauce (I used slightly less I’m not a saucy gal)
• about 1/3 cup of hummus (really depends on how much you like; I also used roasted red pepper because it’s my favorite)
• 1 bag beyond meat crumbles • sprinkle of nutritional yeast •spices/ hemp hearts to taste on top or within the sauce mixture ~directions
1. Cook pasta, towards the end place frozen meat into larger and deeper pan
2. Drain pasta and add to pan with beyond meat crumbles
3. Add sauce, nutritional yeast, garlic powder/ salt/ whatever spices up your life/ hummus and mix
4. Once that was all evenly mixed to my liking (after tasting it 4 thousand times) I put into bowls and added the hemp hearts on top- my boyfriend and I decided this was a really good idea because of the additional crunch it added (also hemp hearts contain lotsa protons aka protein) ❤️I hope you enjoy my little twist on @ohsheglows recipe and let me know if you enjoyed it! Buon appetito!
#vegan #veganrecipes #veganfoodshare #ohsheglows #fit #fitness #food #veganlife

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