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Gabby Sidibe 👸🏿  Don’t ask me for money like I don’t have my own bills to worry about. If your degree didn’t make me smarter, don’t ask me to pay your student loans.❤️

Wrapped my directorial debut of @empirefox. This episode is mostly about pretty lights. No actors, no music. Just this light set up for a whole hour without commercial breaks. I’m a genius.

So.... @empirefox let me direct and partnered me with my new Shade Buddy @junkyardmessiah, which was probably a mistake but they ain’t gon do nothin bout it. #Humble

He heard me coming through the front door!! Look at his lil hop to greet me!! Aawwwww

If ya Nubian don’t root for you like @kperryjr roots for me.....are they even really your Nubian?

Finally gave AAron his present from #Ghana.

The Creation Of A-ARon.

This is the energy you deserve from your best friend AND from your cat, as you direct your first episode of #Empire.
Today, is day 1. ☺️

I landed and waited like 6 hours to go get him. I missed this lil Nubian.... (I’ve been calling everyone I love “My Nubian.” lately. It’ll either catch on, or I’ll forget about it in a week. Let me live O!)

This is what we were doing in #Ghana. We were returning home. #FullCircleFestival (Camera work is shotty because I was crying but hearing him is more important than seeing him)

Be the Cabbage Patch Doll you want to see in the world.

Celebrated New Years about twice or so, while on a plane from Accra to Brussels, crossing time zones to make it to #Empire in time to direct the first episode of #2019. I was sweating so much, I needed to put on @nicoleariparker’s #GymWrap just to take this selfie of me being OVER IT. But I’m over it, in my purpose, on my way to share my art and outside of the incredibly magical #FullCircleFestival family I made in #Ghana, I cant think of a better place to bring in the new year. 🇬🇭🥂🍾

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