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Gabby Sidibe 👸🏿  I don’t check my DMs because too many of y’all are asking me for money and I don’t want to have to tell you about yourself.

1) I don’t know what happened last night yet cuz I was at work.
2) This isn’t an invitation to tell me.
3) Justice for Shangela..... 4) Have a great Friday.

I know who we are to each other. It’s like freedom. (Yeaaaaah) Freedom. (Yeaaaaaah) Freedom. When you’re with me.
Happy Birthday @jussiesmollett !!! It has always been our joke that we ain’t shit and will never be and that’s what binds us to one another. That’s fun and everything but what if we ARE shit? Think about it! We’ve known each other for 5 years now and we are completely different people then we were on the frigid March afternoon when you flung open that hotel door and asked if I smoked before saying “Hello”. Then, you were a struggling actor/personal trainer, hoping that this lil Empire show would change your life...
Today, you are #1 charting recording artist, performing to sold out crowds, an author, a producer, a philanthropist and a director. I cant wait to see what the next 5 years will turn you into. You still won’t be shit though. I love you Friend. ❤️

We all need to do everything we can to get these babies out of captivity. Every day it gets worse. 3 more sites are being erected to house more children. If we just stand by, our children, our parents, ourselves can be next. This is not about a political party, support or non support. This is about Humanity. Let’s stop it right here. Please call 202-224-3121 , state your zip code and support SB3036.

They got me workin on Juneteenth..... They’re paying me tho so.... progress?

A-A-Ron tryna get some box braids fa the summa. 😽

Sliding into my 2nd Hoe Phase in 3...2...1....#savagexfenty

Class Clown. ✌🏿: @kperryjr


If you wear anything other than pajamas and slipper socks for a flight, got the game fucked up. I ain’t wearing real clothes on an airplane! Not ever!

Now walking for
House Of Evangelista,

U. K.!!!! My book #thisisjustmyface has been released and can be found in bookstores everywhere! (Read in an awful, English accent that is actually mostly Jamaican for some reason.)

The coldest accordion player this side of the English Channel, bout to steal ya girl. He fuckin it up!

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