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Gabriela 🌙  🇻🇪🦋🛩🌴🌵⛺️🌊.

Best summer day ☀️Yuba with my lil fam ❤️ my #1 boos, puppy swim lessons, micheladas and perfect weather 🦋

Happy birthday to my dreamyass husband! I'm so lucky I get to grow old, see the world and experience life with my best friend. Aging like a fine wine boo, I love you so much! ❤️

My babies turn 1 today! Grateful for the attack-of-the-kisses every single morning, and for this first attempt at dogmotherhood. You really don't know til you become a full blown dogperson! I'd do anything for these fuckers, they own me! Happy birthday Bowie & Stella 🎉🐾🐾❤️

Happy birthday Mama ❤️

Apartment of dreams 🙌🏽✨ Sunday hangs with my babes! Thank you @aleksandrazee @nat_reo for the yummy food, drinks and good timez 👸🏽👸🏼👸🏽❤️

Golden goddess and her noble mouse

All the photos I see of Venezuela lately make me cry. But last night my nieces and I painted together and found some inspiration in our country's natural beauty. This is Mount Roraima, known to Venezuelans as Tepui, in Canaima National Park-- tallest plateau in South America, often called "a floating island" amongst rainforest clouds. It boasts a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of carnivorous plants, hot springs, an entire forest of geodes & crystals called Valle De Los Cristales, and the tallest waterfall in the world Angel Falls. Both my parents and all my siblings are from Venezuela, and my family and everyone else there is going through an unimaginable crisis, lead by protest heroes much younger than you and I. The people, the food, white sand Caribbean beaches, and this. As soon as things get better, I will plan a trip here to show Ryan and whoever wants to join to experience everything the people are fighting to preserve and protect. Viva Venezuela 🇻🇪❤️

A dog and her crazy doglady mom 🐾💘

Soon ✨Buying a house and working late everyday have made it hard to make time (and 💸) to fly. I miss it so much, that perspective, the rush of peaceful excitement. I think about the feeling of being in a tiny plane alone, or sharing it with a friend, above California, looking out at the horizon, to be familiar with what everything looks like from up there. I'm so grateful to know what that's like. Rewarding myself with some aerial adventures this August 💘

Early retirement at lazy dog ranch 🍉

Happy birthday pretty baby @ireneedan ❤️to many more adventures and hairstyles together xo

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