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Gabriela 🌙  🦋🛩🌴🌵⛺️🌊.

Waymo for everyone! 🌈

@craftsanjose is collecting donations for a local women's shelter in honor of #daywithoutawoman March 8th! Huge thanks to @ncboardshop for hosting and spreading the word ❤Drop off your donations before March 8th! *********
DM me if you have questions or can't make it out there with your stuff–we can help coordinate! #whorunstheworld #girls #SkateboardersStandingForWomen #poderdemujer #sanjose

Daydreamin of them sunny daze in Palm Springs!

Surprise visit from Mayor Sam Liccardo! #indivisiblesanjose

Come join us at San Pedro Market! San Jose representing for a better world 🌎 ❤

Tres amigos 🐾🐾🐾

The immigrants that made me. Two people who left everything they knew and loved behind for a better life. They built their dream from the ground up, from ESL night classes to celebrating their naturalization over hot dogs on the civic center steps, to starting their own successful businesses, to attending their kids' and grandkids' graduations at American schools and universities and watching us embrace the duality of our Venezuelan-American existence. Thank you will never be enough ❤

Found an old Air Force One plane ✌🏽

At this place with my lover, I felt so whole ----
"Love. What a small word we use for an idea so immense and powerful it has altered the flow of history, calmed monsters, kindled works of art, cheered the forlorn, turned tough guys to mush, consoled the enslaved, driven strong women mad, glorified the humble, fueled national scandals, bankrupted robber barons, and made mincemeat of kings. How can love’s spaciousness be conveyed in the narrow confines of one syllable? Love is an ancient delirium, a desire older than civilization, with taproots stretching deep into dark and mysterious days…The heart is a living museum. In each of its galleries, no matter how narrow or dimly lit, preserved forever like wondrous diatoms, are our moments of loving and being loved." -Diane Ackerman
In a tough time for our country and the world at large, let us love each other more today and always. It's the only way. Happy Valentine's Day friends. Los quiero mucho 💕

Happy Valentine's Day to my forever guy. What a hunk 😍 I love you @ryanadams missing you mucho today 😩

The Wixaritari (aka Huichol) are a prehispanic shamanic tribe from the state of Nayarit (where Sayulita is), Mexico, who resisted conquest and genocide for 500 years and have continued their magical traditions, connection to the land and consumption of the psychedelic peyote cactus for millennia. Less than 10,000 of them exist today in their homeland in the Sierra Madre Mountain range. They are largely shunned by both modern society and the Mexican government for their "heathen" shamanic traditions. They are an incredibly open, spiritual and peaceful tribe, with absolutely no history of war. They consider all life...people, plants & animals to be sacred as one. They warn modernized people of the deeply toxic and out of touch lives we live, disconnected from our land and each other. Their longest lasting traditions are crafts– weaving, embroidery and most uniquely this incredible art called "yarn painting." On each one of these beautiful clay skulls is an intricate & meaningful depiction of their beliefs made with thin colorful yarn. Saving up to bring one of these amazing pieces home next time I come to Nayarit. 🙌🏽❤️

The sunsets here are ones you step into and breathe into your lungs. They make me want to cry. I want to stay forever. Someone ship our dogs? ✨🌊 Pueblo Magico ❤
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