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Abdullah عبدالله  Just here to make you smile 😀 👻 Dulla2011 . Detroit 🇾🇪

Wait for it! I finally bought Fatima a gift after 6 years of being together. I hope she likes it ❤️😂😂 lmao ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️ 💍‏اشتريت لها أحسن خاتم

SWIPE! ➡️➡️ The struggle our parents went through😂❤️ (Tag Ur Friends)حال ‏اليمنيين في ‏السفارة

This is why my family never takes me grocery shopping lmaooo ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️ #Walmart

It’s About time lmaooo the last one “aldis” is my fav one lmao 😂😂🇾🇪❤️ ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️

Eid Mubarak! Wishing you and your families a blessed and happy Eid ❤️ ‏عيد مبارك وكل عام وأنتم بخير

S/O to Bangladesh lmaooo don’t take it to the heart 😂❤️ ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️ #bangladesh #idol @iamabdinur

Go crazyy! 🔥🕺🏼#dabke دبكه

Tbh I’m the one who sings lmaoo which type are you?😂 ➡️Tag Ur Friends⬅️ ‏انواع الأشخاص وقت الغسل

Wallah I’m happy for him but I’m still lost. Wasn’t he a muslim from before?

May Allah guide u bruh bruh @fousey ‏الله يهديه

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