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Abdullah  Just here to make you smile 😀 👻 Dulla2011 . Detroit 🇾🇪

I was giving a lecture about Ramadan and telling everyone to fast tomorrow and this happens lmao 😭😂

Kukuu 🤦‍♂️🍌

Happy birthday to me! Alhamdillah for a successful Nd amazing year I had. Inshallah another year filled with many blessing ❤️ Nd yah that’s my new car 😉 ‏ ‏كل سنة وانا ‏طيب

I got kicked out twice for singing Lmaooo at least I tried 😂 #Arab #yodeling #Walmart ‏‏اخرجوني من المحل مرتين بسبب صوتي😂

Islam taught us how to be peaceful. Violence is against our religion. But when something like “punish a muslim day” happens , we take it serious! But don’t worry yaal, nothing will happen ❤️ ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️ ‏هذا الفيديو ‏لل عنصرين ‏الذين أطلقو ‏عليه"‏ ‏يوم تعذيب المسلمين"‏في يوم 3 من شهر أبريل.

Think twice before asking your mom a dumb question 🤷‍♂️ Lmaoo ➡️Tag Ur Friends⬅️ ‏لما تسأل امك سؤال ‏غبي

Savage Yemeni “Siri”📱I should’ve never updated my phone🤦‍♂️ Lmao ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️ ‏لو كان "سيري" يمني 😂🇾🇪

Things got too serious at the end lmaooooo 🤣 ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️ ‏الفرق بين الهنود والعرب(‏قصة حب) #Indians #Vs #Arabs #Love #Story

“Do you love me or your mom?” Man Fatima needs Allah in her life . The mom is lit tho Lmaooo 😂😂🔥 ‏ ‏لما الزوجة تسأل زوجها من تحب أنا ‏او امك؟ ‏ ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️ #Godsplan

Super bowl day gone wrong! Straight up WWE Lmaoooo 😂 ➡️ Tag Ur Friends ⬅️ #Americans #Vs #Arabs #Eagles #patriots #SuperBowl Congrats To all the eagles fans 🦅 @sayad22 @assem.nagi @hjalasadi @lilbaadani

(dulla mulla 🎶) Song available only on iTunes. Lmaoo أغنية دولا مولا


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