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— H⃟  ✕ 2D editor ✕ ✕ ae cc 2017 ✕ ✕ 10/7/17 ✕

how does she jump like that in heels o m g

— never letting go
(sorry this is so simple jsbdh) angel wings ib: @/hannahsvids

— selena gomez aka a bean
dt: all of you bc a lot of ppl asked! :) (yes you can put this in your dt folder 😉)

• one last time
this is so simple in so many parts i'm extremely sorry! but this is my first 2D ari edit, enjoy!
ib/ @bocabies @w.oahboca dt/ @sel.mp4 @noemie.edits @boca.aep

never change
sorry this sucks
ib xblueskiessedits + lux.sleepwalker

ok i'm done bye

this is just gonna be a normal border theme I guess??

i'm so sick of themes, rip to this one

posted a while ago! go check it out :)

— letting go
for hannah
cr: @xblueskiessedits

anyone on?:)

posted yesterday :)

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