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my two moods :(:
- side note: idK if this is original or not but if you’ve seen an edit with the same idea pls tell me!!!

happy bday laur! ily ♡
[ @laursedits ]

ariana and lexie visit paris!

together forever!

alex russo: an actual legend.
ib: @raynaldo.aep

my heart ❤️

cat valentine on snapchat
dt. @hannahsvids i miss u ♡

the dangerous woman tour
for laur, bri, ella, brenda, noemie, layla ♡

ib. @seremndipity
dt. @ggoldensoul loml

luxury (ignore how laggy and offbeat this is omg)

phone kisses
cc: @hannahsvids

ib. xgotham

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