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  Just another nail polish addict/hoarder :)

Day 11: Something close-up. I just noticed I forgot I was doing this challenge :P But I was looking forward to this day because when I went to the zoo I made a close-up photo which I was proud of :) #flower #plants #photoadayoctober

Just did the nails! :) I'm sorry for how disgusting it looks around my nails, but I used loads of acetone :P First of all I didn't even did my nails properly xD #nailspolish #stamping #konad #gradient #gradientnails

Anyone remember these? I did them about a year ago when I was limitedaddictionnails xD Still liking them! :) and time flies :P #halloween #halloweennails #nailpolish #fingerprint #blood

Oh yeah! Episode 2! Had to take this weird angle otherwise you could see my messed up everything xD #dexter

Swatch || Kleancolor Pastel Teal - http://fyeahilovenails.blogspot.nl/2012/10/swatch-kleancolor-pastel-teal.html?m=1 I just noticed that this color looks completely different on my phone than it does on my laptop 😩 Sorry for that. Still a lovely color! :)

So hard to decide what to wear... Thanks @polishamor :) #nailpolish

Day 6: I'm Thankful For... Mirrors! :P My eyeliner and mascara ALWAYS end up under my eyebrow, so I really need to fix that. Also applying make-up is really handy with a mirror around xD I can't look at myself in the mirror though with others around for some reason... #photoadayoctober

Day 4: What You Read. Honestly, I don't really read books. Not because I don't like it, but sometimes I have other things to do. When I was little I read a lot though! What I do like to read is this magazine; Quest. I learn a lot from it! It has history, space, earth, human mind, answers on interesting questions and so much more! I love it!

Day 3: This Happened Today. I went to the zoo today because my city has a Holiday today. Look at the cute polar bear! A few months ago he shattered one off the windows of his 'house'. He also has a baby and a wife, but they are seperated from each other. #zoo #polarbear #photoadayoctober

Obviously couldn't capture everything, but basically I just got 56 more nail polishes. Also got some nice candy and 2 make-up bags and an iPhone case and an EOS lipbalm and more! I love everything! Thank you @polishamor 😚 #swap #nailpolish

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