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@darryltocco from up top. Shot in 2012...or 2011. Maybe a different year.

That time I made the @kinkbmx team stand extremely still on a corner in Seoul, South Korea, in 30 degree weather so I could shoot this long exposure from the top of a building.

Drove the car for a lap the other weekend. Just one. Here's a photo of that.


The Barbie to my long-torso'd Ken. The Aikisa to my Fuauku. Happy Instagram-created spouse day, @ambs2884. Love you. #everydayisspouseday

I bought a gimbal and made a video with some weird music for Monster. @allentwin helped me a lot with that side angle, too. #photographersgonevideo

The backyard view looking different today...

Proud of this woman everyday.

Not sure what I'm supposed to add on top of what I wrote already, but I sincerely appreciate all the lamenting I've seen about the mag. Ride was the only magazine I ever subscribed to as a kid and it's been an honor/crazy to be a part of this brand's print history for 14 years. I'll miss that part of what we do, but I am looking forward to taking all that effort and putting it online. And, we do have tentative plans for a 25 year coffee table book this year, so we're not completely done killing trees just yet. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Confession: I thought I lost this sequence of @united_nathan for over a year via a dog-inflicted hard drive crash. I stumbled on the seamless sequence (original files still gone) three days before we shipped the latest issue...

In keeping with tradition, I just posted ten of my favorite photos up on the Ride site. If you wanna see nine more, feel free. @dakroche